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Here is the caption that originally appeared under the photo above: “If Donald Trump is elected president, his wife, Melania, would be the most beautiful and elegant first lady to inhabit the White House since Jackie Kennedy.”

An organization supporting Ted Cruz for president promoted a naked photo of Melania Trump to attack The Donald in Utah. (For the totally inappropriate photo Cruz’s supposedly Christian movement has been plastering all over the country, click here.) The Cruz campaign has said they had nothing to do with it, but this episode of what I am dubbing “The Primary: A Reality Show,” seems as scripted as the rest, so let’s dispense with the denials.

Cruz’s campaign is the most psychologically sophisticated campaign ever run. They know full well calling attention to this kind of sex appeal in America’s future will help Trump, not hurt him. (If they had actually wanted to hurt him, they would have spread around this demonstration of questionable judgment in a picture of Donald and his son at a public event with Melania wearing a transparent dress through which her breast and nipple were completely visible–it’s about context.)

So Cruz might actually be helping Trump. And what is Trump doing? I think he is helping Cruz as well….Trump answered the Cruz attack with a threat to “spill the beans” on Heidi and it looks to me like another case of Trump neutralizing an issue for another candidate. Trump did the same for the Clinton sex scandal (which he was actually a part of!), and Ted’s Canadian birth (which remains mysteriously unvetted by the press).

Lest you wonder why Trump would squander his great campaign on helping the other guys, think of it this way: Trump would have no campaign at all if the media didn’t give him hundreds of millions of dollars of free PR–and no it’s not Trump getting one over on them–it just doesn’t work that way….Here’s how I imagine the pitch might have been framed:

“Hey Donald…you like to run for president but we black you out because you’re you…you can never win if we black you out so just accept that…Remember Ron Paul? Have you ever even heard of Larry Agran?…Exactly….But we can let you run and not black you out….we can give you tons of free press if we want to–you can make lots of hay with that–-books, tv shows, friends in high places etc…and you can get your friend Hillary elected–-boy would she owe you one! And you can bet if there’s anything you want to “go away” she can make that happen! We might even be able to arrange a cushy government contract while we’re at it! So what do you say? We black you out and you fade away or we pump you up, Hillary wins and you get whatever you can get out of it. You’ve got nothing to lose! Now that’s your kind of deal–-am I right or am I right?”

But I digress…Let’s get back to the beans on Heidi….The NYT cites a depressive episode in her marriage. Nice try. The real beans on Heidi are her efforts to erase the borders between Canada, the US and Mexico and Ted’s covering it up….Here’s an introduction to this serious matter. (For Ted’s role, don’t miss the comments section.)

Heidi Cruz wants to build a North American Community – what does that mean, exactly?


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I know absolutely nothing about fashion – talk to me about motorcycles and such. And I would not want my wife to appear in public costumed in a semi transparent dress as in the picture you embedded in your post. I’m Old fashioned, I guess. But with that said, Don Trump, Jr. is 38 and his stepmother is 45. Is that picture really as shocking in today’s world as you suggest? Sorry, but I still hold out hope Trump is the real deal.

Forgot to add that I totally agree Trump must expose Globalists Heidi and Ted. Perhaps Trump is waiting for a more opportune time.

I don’t see any problem erasing the borders that government creates. Did you or I decide where they should be? Borders are just how your beloved leaders divide the cattle and other stolen goods. And why worry about who they spend their stolen money on? Do you think they will steal less if they spend less? This country isn’t yours. It is theirs, and you are livestock, campaigning to be fenced in cattle rather than the free range kind.

It’s not making less government, it’s making much, much more govt with more power…the open borders thing is a trap–of course I believe in the rights to work and travel, but they are using these devices to erode further our few (fleeting) protections–protections that people need to understand in order to defend….

here are a few of the goals of the task force–she fully supported them all (see the article for more)…

–Increase information and intelligence-sharing at the local and national levels in both law enforcement and military organizations.

….Conduct annual training exercise to develop interoperability among and between law enforcement agencies and militaries of the US, Canada & Mexico.

–Create a North American Border Pass with biometric identifiers.

—Creation of a North American Advisory Council with a complementary private body “that would meet regularly or annually to buttress North American relationships, along the lines of the Bilderberg or Wehrkunde conferences, organized to support transaltantic relations.”

—Creation of a North American Inter-Parliamentary Group that will include US Congress along with Canadian and Mexican Parliamentary representation, who play key roles in policy toward each other. The newly created North American Advisory Council (likened to the Bilderberg Group) “could provide an agenda and support for these meetings.”

But Monica, these excellent points you make might be moot to Brad as he appears to be a ‘Citizen of the World’!

Not ‘wrong’, but very instructive. Our world views are diametrically opposed. We will probably not agree on anything, including the fact that 1+1=2!

I’m against making new laws. I am for universal freedom, and unrestricted trade. I have equal contempt for all political actions that prohibit or restrict it. Some folks think if you criticize their magical, unique, “it will be different this time” candidate, that you love the other snake. I do not. No one is fit to rule you but you. I will say it again: The border around “your country” is not “yours” You are living on US government property, and one could argue that you belong to them also. If it belonged to you, you would have some control over it.

Here’s more…
–To lay the groundwork for the freer flow of people within North America with the ultimate goal of full mobility of labor and goods across Canada, Mexico and the United States. To facilitate this, rules and regulations on labor and the environment among other things should conform across the “trinational” region. “[T]he three countries should make a concerted effort to encourage regulatory convergence…including harmonization at the highest prevailing standard…and unilateral adoption of another country’s rules.”

…“Make a North American standard the default approach to new regulation….The new trinational mechanism also should be charged with identifying joint means of ensuring consistent enforcement of new rules as they are developed.”

I sure hope that you Cruz bashers are Christian and know how to repent, because these libelous accusations have been thoroughly debunked and are a creation of Ted’s opposition during his senate campaign in Texas, David Dewhurst. A rich, well connected establishment guy who got really desperate when the polls started showing him losing. By repeating them as truth you’re doing yourself great harm.
Proverbs 6:16- 19
16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

I would highly encourage you look at Gigi’s post below. The allegations are true. The citizens are being deceived. That is evil, in my opinion.

God is not your dog, to sic upon those you disagree with. I would be afraid to tell someone that God hates him. That being said, having faith in any politician is a losing proposition, because you can be sure that if a person desires power over you, he’s got a razor in every pocket.

A big Amen to your post, and that includes the clean food! Please, no one should miss this information…it might even help Brad!

Hillary is the promoter in waiting of the perpetuation of both the US welfare machine and the US war machine. While Bernie’s only focused on the welfare machine and Trump is only focused on the war machine. So Hillary provides TPTB with the perfect porridge that’s “neither too hot nor too cold” and therefore is “just right”. Which is why she will be elected by the sheep who foolishly believe that they actually have a choice, instead of what they really have, which is owners.

In the meantime, the other sheep who think they have a choice (like Hugh and Gigi) only contribute to the charade while proving that they wouldn’t know a self-serving malignant narcissist if he fell on them, much less ran for president.

Let me guess. You are probably one of those ‘open borders’ types and thus a full fledged member of the ‘Stop Trump’ crowd.

No Hugh, you guessed wrong. I don’t vote, and unlike you, I could care less who wins the election.

As to Donald, the entire Marla Maples debacle and the way he publicly humiliated his wife at the time, showed me everything I ever needed to know about that guy.

Thanks for clarifying. But you didn’t comment on my hunch re your thoughts on the border. Are you an ‘open borders’ guy or was I wrong there too?

No, I am not for officially open borders.

At the same time, I also realize that Trump’s “promise” to secure the US border with Mexico by building a wall along the entire border (paid for by Mexico no-less) is nothing more than an empty campaign promise that he knows will never be kept because of the cost. Not to mention the fact that they would simply tunnel under it if it ever did come to fruition.But like everything he promises he already has his scapegoat teed up. Which is the Congress.

I’m amazed at how many people don’t see what Trump is doing. He’s following Obama’s 2004 how to get elected playbook exactly.( I.E.- Tell whoever you’re in front of exactly what they want to hear, even though you know that you’ll never be able to keep your word if you do become President).

So despite all of the hyped up diatribe emanating from the MSM about how unique and clever Trump’s campaign strategy is, in reality it’s just the Obama “Hope and Change” canard wrapped up in a “Republican-Conservative” package. However, there’s one major difference. That being the fact that Obama was far better and more effective at selling it than Trump will ever be.

They’re both dyed in the wool classic malignant narcissists. It’s just that Trump is too set in his ways and therefore he just can’t keep his mouth from getting him in trouble and alienating significant segments of the public in the process.That’s because Trump is an aggressive-aggressive bully, and that’s his script and it’s all he knows. Whereas Obama is a passive-aggressive bully, which comes across as “inclusive”. Because Barry and his handlers knew that strategy is what would get him elected.

Barry and Donald have one overarching thing in common. When you scrape away the “I love my country” facade it’s easy to see that neither of them care about anything other than themselves.They’re both deeply in love with themselves and they are their own biggest fans.

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