AP_Cruz 2012_admi-2Here’s Cruz stating that the CFR is a pernicious nest of snakes working to undermine our sovereignty:

Here is his wife, CFR member Heidi Cruz, working to foster the “North American Community,” a CFR project that undermines our sovereignty.


For highlights of this scary document, click here.

In the video below (h/t JB), Cruz dismisses “attacks on his wife,” explaining that “she was for a brief period what’s called a ‘term member;’ there are thousands of term members…she joined it as one of the few conservatives who are part of the Council on Foreign Relations…trying to push for conservative outcomes.” In evaluating Cruz’s explanation, I would say “Building a North American Community” is not a conservative outcome. He went on to say that he himself has done lots of good stuff that more than offsets the taint his wife might have gotten rubbing elbows with globalists at the Council on Foreign Relations. [Cruz interview starts at 2:17 in the video below.]


Here is Heidi Cruz’s bio in the description of “Task Force Members” working on this 2005 report, Building A North American Community:

HEIDI S. CRUZ is an energy investment banker with Merrill Lynch in Houston, Texas. She served in the Bush White House under Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the Economic Director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council, as the Director of the Latin America Office at the U.S. Treasury Department, and as Special Assistant to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative. Prior to government service, Ms. Cruz was an investment banker with J.P. Morgan in New York City.

Heidi was more recently a managing director at Goldman Sachs…not an institution one would expect to want to “do everything we can to turn the country around.” (This quote is from a highly deceptive interview on Today in which Matt Lauer gives the impression that Heidi is a homebody.)

I was an investment banker and know plenty of people at Goldman. They have worked very hard to succeed according to the rules of the game as they are. I don’t know a single one who wants to change the rules back to the way they were at the founding of this country. I don’t even blame them. We all worked 80, 90, 100+ hours per week for years! Institutionally, this is a group of people who are heavily invested in the system as it is. These are some of the smartest, hardest working people in the country and they have made choices and given blood, sweat and tears to build their lives and families around success in this system. Having achieved the pinnacle of success in their field, they are unlikely to want to change the game now–they are more likely to want to double down.

As for the CFR…don’t get me started!

(Now that I think Ted’s a fake, I can hardly stand to watch him…Do you think he’s sincere?)

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Yeah, who’s the snake here?! First name wouldn’t be ‘Ted’, would it? Oh, the bio on Heidi might be a little dated as she was most recently had a significant position with Goldman Sachs and has taken a leave of absence while ‘Ted the Snake’ attempts to con us. Goldman, I think I’ve heard of them!

And as an aside, my politics are ‘Paleo-Conservative’, which really is quite close to the libertarian view, at least in some circles. Another reason I abhor Ted the Snake is that while he ‘says’ he wants to stop illegal immigration (he won’t), he is quite vocal about his desire to allow unlimited legal immigration, in all forms. So professional middle class Americans will be competing with competant folks from all over the world. And certainly, an individual from India would be most pleased to accept a quality job here at a much lower wage than the American needs to maintain a standard of living. So guess who loses there?! America is being strip mined folks!

I can’t disagree with any of Monica’s comments, including her update and expansion on Heidi’s bio and the investment bankers’ activity. For a good part of my own career I was on the fringe of M&A (mergers and acquisitions), but on the bank lending side. I can attest to the hours that are put in by this crowd, and indeed they are sharp, committed individuals. But as I was more of a straight lender, albeit very large dollars, I always felt that I was supportive of business continuity. While not all businesses will succeed, and they certainly do often fail, I always felt too much emphasis was put into acquisitions by the investment bankers, rather than organically growing or developing existing businesses. I suppose that is their role. Are we eventually going to end up with one company when all the acquisition targets are devoured? Might that stiffle ingenuity? And I always felt more people should follow their passion for other endeavers…engineering, science, music, whatever, rather than going for the golden ring and jumping on the richly rewarding, but perhaps morally compromising for some, investment banking treadmill. I do think the nation suffers when too much focus is placed on M&A activity. I do have my bias, don’t I!

Are you sure that “our” sovereignty is our sovereignty? Our borders are around what? I have a fence around my property. What is the USA border fence around? Are you sure that we the people own this USA? Or does someone else own us? If the USA is my property, then why don’t I have control over it? I believe your “sovereignty” is a product of the state’s ownership of you, like the fence around a farm.

When he’s right, we back him. Here he is 1000% right! The problems in America can be traced to the ESTABLISHMENT and the CFR is one of their pet programs.
IN CASE YOU HAVE NEVER DONE SO, please do some research. You will find that they all believe in
ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!! ! ! !! ! ! ! !
Please argue with us. We love it when we can prove liberals to be full of hot air and some are unknowingly are duped by the Establishment. Others are not really liberal per se. Merely sycophants of the Establishment.

I know he’s right in what he says, the problem is he is laughing at us when he says it. His wife literally wrote the book on the North American Union, the greatest immediate threat to our sovereignty and a stepping stone to world government. He knows we are afraid of it so he plays to us on this issue, but he is on the inside and benefits from increasing power at the top. I think this exposes him as a fraud. I am open to rethinking it though. Do you think that he sincerely fears the CFR? He and his wife seem to be completely harmonious. Something just isn’t right about this.

Monica, I think your comments and instincts are exactly on point. If one truly believes in a most serious thought as Ted tries to convince us so, how can he have a harmonious relationship with such as Heidi? Ted is a pure fraud, attempting to play us like a fiddle! My late father used to mock attorneys who would put up verbal shows of force in the courtroom and then head to the local watering hole afterwards to enjoy each others company. Sort of like the marriage of Carville and Matlin. They have their public roles, then go home at night, open up the wine, and jointly mock the people as they count their rich remuneration.

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