I googled “Ted Cruz separated at birth” because I knew he remind me of someone…I think it was actually Mr. Haneyfrom Green Acres, but a picture of the presidential candidate and a weird blob with a face came up instead.

I thought it was absolutely hilarious so I emailed it to a friend. I had no idea what the blob was or if it was even real, but it cracked me up! Later on, I was on Youtube and noticed on the side column a video called “Ten Creepy Sea Creatures You Didn’t Know Existed”–strange because Youtube usually picks out for me stuff like “What Really Happened in San Bernardino” and “The Complicated Version of How Money Works,” not “Dogs Running in Circles” or “Cats vs. Cucumbers.” After seeing the out of place video there for a day or two, however, I finally clicked on it because the thumbnail frame of the video was that crazy Ted Cruz look-alike! I watched the video only to discover it is real and it is called a blobfish. I had actually wondered what it was called or if it really existed but couldn’t figure out how to google an image like that. I mentioned it to my husband and he, being a fan of Person of Interest, said, “Sounds like The Machine found it for you.” Well I’ll be…


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