Who’s the Bigger Scammer, the Media or the Fed? Podcast of March 19, 2016 Show

On the show this week, one caller said he saw the results of Obama’s election accidentally pop up on TV before the election; another caller reprimanded me for not dismissing this out of hand. My answer? Stranger things have happened. The tweet above was sent by Newt Gingrich on November 13, 2015, more than two weeks before the San Bernardino attack on December 2, and there is no other relevant “California terrorist attack” to which Newt could have been referring. Happily, I got a little twitter support on this:

This little exchange was just the beginning. We hit on many different topics this week, so after the podcast links, I have put up links to some of the references I made…hope that’s useful. I also respond to comments, so feel free to start a conversation below…

Hour 1

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Happy Birthday! Now Die. Podcast of December 22 Show

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the The Federal Reserve, which is neither federal, nor a reserve! The Fed was in the news this week because outgoing chairman Ben Bernanke announced the beginning of the end for quantitative easing. I discuss these issues and more on this week’s show:

Hour 1
Hour 2

Here are some of the articles and other references that came up on the show:

My favorite book on the Fed, with the genius feature of chapter summaries so you can blow through the big picture in under two hours…awesome!

Here is my post with all the charts that show the destruction the Fed has wrought.

Here are a couple of articles that answer Eric’s points….
The Gold Standard and the Great Depression

Life with the Fed: Sunshine and Lollipops?

Here is the interview Bob recommended….

and the article…
100 Years Later, The Federal Reserve Has Failed At Everything It’s Tried

A caller recommended the video “Money Masters” and I think this is the one he was talking about…looks great!