The Internet: A Limited Hangout? Podcast of January 17, 2014 Show

If you don’t know what a limited hangout is, check my glossary….I believe the Internet was released into the wild so we would self-register everything from our silliest faces to our deepest secrets, and we have. But now those who proclaim “knowledge is power” must rein in this dangerous tool lest we gain power through (more…)

Charlie Hebdo: The Strange Case of the Shot Policeman

Yesterday, I watched with horror a video of the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris in which a policeman was shot in the head from inches away with a semi-automatic weapon. Something just didn’t look right about the video though, so I decided to slow it down and see if a frame-by-frame analysis would help me understand what I was seeing. What I found is hard to believe, so I’m presenting it to you – perhaps you can make sense of it. Here are the relevant frames from the video: