These days, we are expected to believe in all sorts of unlikely causes of death from jumping out a window to a very tall and seemingly happy person hanging himself in a foreign bathroom to SADS…that’s sudden adult death syndrome. (Can sudden death be a syndrome? What are the symptoms?) But it doesn’t end there. We are also expected to believe that historically minuscule suicide rates among hyper-successful female college athletes are suddenly spiking as well as swallow the daily reports of young athletic men dropping dead as well as celebrities dying with no known cause of death at all ever. Any death with an explanation that just doesn’t hold water is what I call death by #SpontaneousCombustion. It’s not SADS–it’s just plain SAD.

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I remember being fascinated by the ‘syndrome’ known as ‘Spontaneous Human Combustion’ back in the…a few decades ago (haha). I’d read about it in the mystery books & ‘freakshow’ paperbacks (pre-internet days). I used to be fascinated by the mysteries surrounding death including shady cover-ups…I wasn’t even 10yo yet Lol.
But SHC was, scientifically, a human body that suddenly bursts into flames with no obvious cause or accelerants involved. I always thought it was fishy AF instinctually. Never trusted the science haha.

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