Something smells fishy on the pier….


I just watched this whole nearly hour long interview of the man charged with killing Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco. His story is very strange: he found some sleeping pills and took one; while still groggy or sleeping, he found near his foot a gun wrapped in a t-shirt; he heard loud music and three booms; he thinks the gun went off by itself and he kicked it in the water; he doesn’t remember shooting anyone. Adding to the weirdness are the reports that the gun belonged to an FBI agent. (I also noticed that the footage of retrieving the gun came showed the gun in a guncase–if this guy’s story is a valid confession, how could he get the details wrong? Isn’t that a tell? Here’s the footage:

Also, this footage is a little weird – it’s supposed to be raw but it’s cut twice at roughly 37:30 and 47:00; this guy hardly speaks English at all but when he is speaking in Spanish his words aren’t actually translated (I wish I spoke Spanish or could find a transcript/translation of this somewhere.)

What’s your gut instinct on this? Do you think the media is reporting this story accurately? I wonder both because of the strangeness of the story and because it so nicely dovetailed with the headlines about Donald Trump’s immigration comments the week before.

This is from a post I made to my facebook page…to follow or join that discussion, click here. Here are some excerpts from that thread...

  • JS: Why do libertarians always seek conspiracy theories?
  • JJ: JS, why are people always conspiring? We’ve caught them so many times that it’s only second nature to ask for the real story.
  • BR: I know you doubt me, but I wonder if this makes you wonder about my theory about the fence. The powers that be want fences, because fences work both ways.
  • Monica Perez I was absolutely blown away by Ron Paul’s courage in saying the same thing in a presidential debate…

    In Wednesday’s GOP presidential…
  • BR:This guy has patsy written all over him.
  • Monica Perez(Response to JS) I always try to understand the real story without any media spin between me and the facts. For that reason, I spent over an hour listening and re-listening to this interview and I posted it in the hopes that others would do the same and we could all use our own judgment to try to understand the truth. My only presumption here, as always, is “innocent until proven guilty.” (What you’re observing about libertarians is simply a lack of trust in the mainstream media…I for one don’t put any more stock in the WSJ or NYT saying “anonymous sources unauthorized to comment” than I do in unsubstantiated claims in other media outlets.)
  • PDW: WSJ &NYT have their own obvious agendas.
  • CB: It’s called healthy skepticism.
  • RW: Briefly, implausible. Found the pills? then found a gun at his feet? This is more than a little weird. As far as the media, I have no reason to believe anything that MSNBC or similar sources report.
  • Monica Perez (Response to RW) As I read more and more articles about this guy, the stories repeatedly state he “admitted to killing Kathryn Steinle” yet the only source for that in any article I have found is this jailhouse interview in which he does not admit to killing Steinle. Also weird – the guy has this hour long media interview in broken English without a lawyer? I know he is not an American citizen or legal resident, but he has been assigned a public defender. Very strange.
  • Monica Perez “In a jailhouse interview with a local TV crew on Monday, Sanchez admitted shooting Steinle but says it was an accident. Speaking in both Spanish and English, Sanchez said he found a gun wrapped inside a shirt and when he picked it up, he heard three shots go off.”…/pier-14-shooting-suspect-pleads-not…/

    SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — 45-year-old…
  • BR: That fellow didn’t understand much of what he was being asked. Even I could tell that; and ,..he doesn’t have a history of violence.

Update: I missed this the first time – why did the Sheriff request and receive this guy out of federal custody to face a 20 year old marijuana charge and then get released shortly thereafter? Maybe he identified the guy as a born patsy. San Francisco Sheriff Brought Kate Steinle’s Illegal Alien Killer Back to The City

and don’t forget, he said he found a gun & that that gun just happened to belong to a federal agent… Kate Steinle’s killer used federal agent’s gun

Here is a video of Kate’s family, fully immersed in pushing a government policy a mere twenty days after Kate was killed in front of her father.

The father is clearly totally dedicated to this law and the mother said in a previous interview that her only concern is that the law is airtight. I don’t object to expelling immigrants legal or illegal for violent crimes, I do think to immerse oneself in policy just a couple of weeks after the violent and sudden death in front of you of your daughter is very hard to believe. My dog got hit by a car in front of me and it took me longer than this to be able to talk about it without crying — still can’t, actually, and it’s been almost two months.

So what law is so important that you would interrupt your grieving to lobby for policy? “Under the proposed law, individuals who are caught re-entering the US illegally after having been deported will be handed a mandatory 5-year prison sentence.”

That’s interesting–mandatory sentencing is a corrupt and cronyistic signature of the prison-industrial complex & imprisoning illegal immigrants instead of deporting them would provide a virtually infinite stream of fodder for the prison system and an incentive for a corrupt system to allow as many illegals and criminals to get in as they could – perhaps there will be incentives like that depraved asset forfeiture kickback – for every jailed illegal a bonus?

Also, check out this video of Megyn Kelly trying desperately to rile up Brad Steinle–it’s so obvious, but then at 2:35–what is that? Is that an old picture that for some reason the brother is holding up THE famous picture of Kate for a picture of him and his father? Because if it’s not, it’s very strange to have Kate’s brother and dad with broad grins in what has to be within three weeks of her brutal, shocking death:

Update (January 2016): Case dismissed?

Update (June 2017): the trial has been pushed back repeatedly and is currently slated to begin in August. I tried to contact both the journalist covering this story and the public defender on the case and have gotten no answers.




  1. The private home example is idiotic. All people within a private dwelling agree unanimously to shut the gates and lock the door. where are your thinking skills? Did they abandon you when bigotry moved in? Is the need for a militarily enforced immigration unanimously agreed to here, or did Hugh’s majority drag us with it against our will. Well, congratulations on being in the majority. It doesn’t make you any less the tyrant.

    1. hugh says:

      I’m having some difficulty following your ‘logic’ here, but I think my response to your other post will probably suffice. The Americans overwhelmingly want our borders controlled. The Americans are infuriated by Sanctuary Cities and the horrendous crimes that didn’t have to be. And I haven’t touched on the ‘job impact’. The government, with it’s open borders policy and NO fence, has declared war on the American people. The government is supporting your position, Brad, not mine! Brad, you are the tyrant, (or is ‘globalist’ a better word choice?), as your side is cramming multiculturalism onto this country, against the will of most of the people!

  2. hugh says:

    Monica brought Facebook comments over to this posting and BR stated the following:
    “The powers that be want fences, because fences work both ways.”

    I would suggest that the ‘powers that be’ do not want a fence. Baby Bush was elected for his second term due to his campaigning to build a proper fence. He was elected, but the fence was never built. The Americans were conned again!

    I watched the clip of Ron Paul during the debates. How does he recommend we keep the ‘bad people’ out? I do bet he keeps his doors and windows locked for his home. Shouldn’t we have similar security for our nation?

    1. The great tyrannies of our modern world have commonalities. They build fences, in much the same way a farmer builds fences, because the livestock within those fences belongs to them. A free nation, which believes in freedom, would not need a fence, because fences restrict freedom, and enforce ownership. I wonder if Hugh really thinks that Mexican people are any different than US people? How does one profess to love freedom for one person, and restriction for the next? The really sad part is how any critical thinking could lead one to believe in the Mexican Bogeyman that the politicians use to make you afraid. Don’t you realize that when you call for additional government power to close the border, you call for additional powers for the government against you as well?

      1. hugh says:

        I think you and I define ‘nation’ differently. You must be one of those Kumbaya nation of the world peoples, and given that thinking, I see where you come from. I’m an American and I try to look out for my own country while treating the other nations in a respectful manner (and we certainly aren’t doing the latter!). It has been said that a nation that does not control it’s borders is not a nation. That thought makes perfect sense to me.

        Of course Mexicans are different from Americans…in many ways. So are the other people’s across the world. That is an acknowledgment of the differences, not some demeaning characterization. Pat Buchanan had a simple but perfect expression some time ago: “It would be a lot simpler to assimilate 1000 Englishmen into the U.S. then it would be to assimilate 1000 Zulus.” Now that statement makes perfect sense to me as multiculturalism is suicide for a nation as it destroys the unity, strength, cohesiveness, etc. but I can see where you as a ‘citizen of the world’ would differ.

        Brad, i know you will disagree, but you are being used big time by our controllers. It simplifies their control if they destabilize the healthy citizen body organism, and that is exactly what they are doing with this flooding of our nation from all over the world. We will become, are becoming, a nation of squabbling minorities as Teddy Roosevelt said, and our united controllers will have an easy time, sitting atop us, controlling us! We will not be able to present unified resistance as we will be at each other’s throats!

        P.S. Brad, it might be helpful if you took an honest look at crime statistics. My thought process tells me if the criminals weren’t here, the crimes attributed to them would not have been committed, but again, I am not a citizen of the world.

      2. Ed says:


        Your comment was, without question, one of the most ignorant and illogical statements I’ve ever read. Wow!

  3. hugh says:

    We all know the agenda of The Establishment is open borders and the flooding of our nation with illegal aliens and legal immigrants. This killing is galvanizing the Americans against our open borders and the atrocity of ‘sanctuary cities’ and all related criminal acts by our government. Yes, Trump is rightfully capitalizing on the tragedy, but I do not know his motives; they could be pure or otherwise. And I do think The Establishment will play fast and loose with the facts of this killing. I would anticipate they will introduce falsehoods into the narrative to somehow exonerate or substantially mitigate the illegal alien’s role in this killing. The Establishment has a lot at stake here (open borders agenda) and this killing is very inconvenient for them. They will work tirelessly to confuse and distract the Americans! And as many libertarians are predisposed to open borders, they will fall for the con.

      1. hugh says:

        I certainly don’t want to fall for false facts, so will certainly watch the video interview. I’m pressed for time at the moment, but did watch the first seven minutes of the video interview. Starting at the 2:48 minute mark, the suspect admitted twice he shot the woman. He did have a limited command of the English language as most of the first seven minutes was conducted in English. First questions: is it customary for the media to have that access to a freshly arrested murder suspect and is there more to that? Second question: As I trust nothing the main stream media does, I was curious if he had an ear piece in the ear we could not see in the video interview? i.e. was he being fed some responses? And back to my original comment above, the only motive I see is for The Establishment to somehow get the Americans to not focus on a many times deported Illegal alien killing a young female American. If he was a patsy, he was a strange choice, given “The Agenda”! I will watch the rest of the interview.
        p.s. Great show today!

        1. hugh says:

          I just watched the entire video, from start to finish. I retract my question re an ear piece as later on in the video, the left ear is seen and I noticed no foreign object in the ear. It was interesting that he fiddled with his left ear from time to time, but never his right ear?

          So my hunch is…This all is very inconvenient for The Establishment, and specifically San Francisco and their ‘sanctuary policy’, which is nothing less than harboring illegal aliens and giving aid and comfort to illegal aliens, in my opinion. The illegal alien suspect does not yet have an attorney/public defender, yet he requested the TV station interview him. Yeah, right, and I have a bridge to sell someone. I bet he has strong advocates operating behind the scene, not necessarily to help him, but more to provide damage control and to wash away the American’s current focus on the invasion from south of us (all over, really), and the crimes and havoc the illegals commit.

          From the video interview, the illegal alien suspect admitted multiple times to shooting the young American woman. At times it appeared to me the TV interviewer was leading the witness to encourage certain responses to mitigate culpability in the tragic shooting, (“was he shooting at seals or sea lions’) The video interview essentially supported an accidental shooting with the illegal alien suspect not remembering much due to taking a sleeping pill he found in a bottle. Interesting, and how convenient. A simple fabrication which an unsophisticated man could effectively communicate, especially with the language difficulties. I wonder if anyone reading this blog would ingest a pill he found out and about? And the interview was not at all hostile, but supportive. Wonder if an advocate of the Confederate Flag would receive the same treatment? I think I know the answer to that question. But the Rainbow flag, that’s another question, with a different response.

          So, Monica. I’m not buying it. But I don’t at all have a clear understanding of the shooting. Were there no witnesses? And in closing, I would add that many officials in this country have Kathryn’s blood on their hands, and it will never wash off. I just hope and pray the Americans wake up to understand this and demand and receive accountability!

      2. Monica Perez ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        I actually think they pick muddled up cases instead of clear cut ones on purpose just to get us at each others’ throats – deliberately taking cases that could be seen either way so people just gravitate to their side of the political divide.

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