I posted this to facebook as soon as I heard it, but I thought I should put it here just for the record.

I heard Catherine Herridge report on Fox News recently that TSA Chief Admiral Neffenger had been in Brussels the morning of the attacks there. I can’t believe I missed this the first time…Apparently, the head of the TSA flew to Brussels the morning of the attacks to warn them….Reportedly, he flew there in person but didn’t get there in time because he went to the wrong office! He literally traveled by plane, train and automobile from DC through Boston and Iceland then on to Brussels over an entire day rather than call or email someone. This story is nothing short of bizarre.

TSA Chief Flew To Brussels To “Warn Government”

Dkembe Mutumbo ran into two other American officials at the Brussels airport that day…he called them his “two angels” but was surprised that they refused a photo with him… (h/t WB)


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What I find interesting today, is the news that the Belgium terrorists were “surprised at the speed of the Paris investigation” and changed their plans at the last minute and attacked Brussels instead. Is this supposed to make us feel better? Is this supposed to help us feel better about them spying on each individual world wide searching for terror suspects? Something is really starting to smell rotten in Brussels.

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