Some short videos I’ll be discussing on the show today…

This just posted (h/t DT). I’m not sure if I’m more shocked at the content of this video or by the fact that it made it on the air. (It was just posted on youtube, but I don’t know the date of the broadcast–anyone? Anyone?) For more on ALEC, click here: .

WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGES OF CAR ACCIDENT. Should police chase policy be reexamined?

(You might want to watch this at faster speed by clicking the wheel icon in the lower right of this video.)

This one is simply unbelievable. Why doesn’t it get press? WARNING, DISTURBING.


  1. bradrad says:

    when I was a young man I often wondered why people loved blood-thirsty gangsters like Al Capone. I think now it’s because the police were so heavy handed, and they made honest folks feel so helpless in the face of government. The bootleggers and gangsters gave them hope that SOMEONE could resist them. You can call me an awful person, but I’ve begun to root for anyone who resists the police. Terrible, I know, but not as terrible as what I see the police doing.

    1. goksrm says:

      I did root for Eliot Ness and the Untouchables when I was young. But you are not entirely off base. The NYPD prior to Serpico were pretty ruthless with the hardened criminals but turned a blind eye in many cases to the petty stuff. Today you have zero tolerance which resulted in the Eric Garner death. Current police policy is out of whack. I think it would be nice that instead of calling bills a sugar-coated name, put the main author on the bill. Much like Dodd-Frank; etc.

  2. goksrm says:

    Wow….are we starting to get real news? Who owns channel 11?
    Tegna Media (Pacific and Southern, LLC)
    Owner: Gracie Martore with Gannett roots

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