Not for nothin, but the guidelines for Russian passport photos are clear:  No glasses allowed. Check out the guideline third from the bottom in the picture below. If you’ve ever tried to get a passport, especially a foreign one, you know they don’t make exceptions to these rules because a photo that doesn’t adhere to passport guidelines would be flagged at passport checkpoints, as would any other official travel document.
Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 12.02.50 PM
For guidelines on Russian passport photos, click here.
You could argue that Snowden’s document might not technically be a Russian passport but instead some other Russian travel document, but note that even a Russian visa, which I have applied for and gotten and which is nowhere near as formal in appearance as Snowden’s document, also does not seem to allow eyeglasses in the photo. For details on Russian visa photos, click here.
I don’t even think this was an oversight as much as a calculated risk.  If you’ll notice, Snowden has had one image the whole time – the glasses, the goatee, the high hair, the grey collared shirt, the non-contextual environments. I think he is presented this way so that there’s no dimensionality to his appearance and at some point he can lose the “disguise” and disappear into the woodwork.  Take off the glasses, shave, get a haircut and he is a totally non-descript guy and in no way a match to the ubiquitous image of him from the video in Hong Kong to this photo of him in the passport.
For my reasons for thinking Edward Snowden is not a genuine whistleblower but more likely a black psy-op, listen to my past podcasts, particularly this one: Psy-Ops: They’re Here, They’re Real – Deal With It!

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