1. William Reuter (no relation to the news service.) says:

    Have you seen the movie Enemy of the State?
    Have you Googled your home address from outer space and then looked at the street view?
    Do you stick your head out the window at traffic lights and flip the bird to the cameras pointing at your car from phone poles, banks, shopping malls, other cars and on and on and on???
    Have you stopped using Facebook and Twitter because complete strangers use four letter words to comment or post porn and send it to you?
    Privacy? What’s that?

  2. charles from duluth says:

    Great show last week.One of your callers stated that 144 years ago ,the Act of 1871 changed the name ,The Constitution For The United States to The Constitution Of The United States. David McCullough, I dont recall in his book,John Adams ,ever using the word for in place of the, of. David McCullough did point out that Adams and Jefferson argued over whether to use the word inalienable or unalienable in The unanimous Declaration of the united States of America. Notice they used a little u in united. This was done because each state considered themselves to be sovereign.Adolf Hitler in his book ,Mein Kampf, pointed out that only the original 13 and Texas had sovereign powers at the time of the American War from 1861to 1865 for sovereign states rights . Monica you make my Saturdays ,Thanks!

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