1. An Atlanta Rebel says:

    I first heard you today. Great show!
    Now I will associate the name “Monica,” with a brave talk-show host who released some paradigm-shifting, regime-destabilizing info instead of what I usually associate the name with: Bill Clinton’s odious affair. Thank you for that. For me, you have redeemed the name “Monica.”
    A pleasant surprise for me, Monica, is that you are on mainstream WSB AM radio. OK, it’s Saturday afternoon, but at least it’s not midnight. Your broadcast today, brings America closer to recognizing the existence of a secret power controlling our elected officials. Thanks to WSB and you, especially, for exposing the Truth.
    Count me, a fan of yours,
    Alan Keck

    1. hugh says:

      Amen Anoynmous! What Monica is revealing is the complete and utter corruption of our government/media/corporate elite, etc. The United States does not exist as we naively believe. Of course the objective of the main stream media is to manipulate our minds and keep the truth of events sealed beyond our reach and understanding. And the Republican-Democrat charade is just to keep us divided and fighting each other. I’m not surprised that the Republicans do not expose what is going on. That would defeat their objective to keep the wool over our eyes. I look at The Ukraine crisis as observing a petri dish. Who knows what the outcome will be. Who knows which of the various factions will end up as strange bedfellows. If the same would happen here, with events spiraling out of control, how can one truly know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. Many of the players would be wearing masks of some sort. And the final result might very well be worse! And just a little tidbit of strange bedfellow ties. Appears Glenn Greenwald’s boss helped fund the destabilizying efforts in The Ukraine: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/02/28/report-glenn-greenwalds-boss-helped-u-s-fund-ukrainian-opposition-groups/. What does that mean?

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