Great video (h/t AF/CF)

The patch at 42:00 explains a lot! (Let them hate, as long as they fear…could explain why “they” let us see into their power and plans!)

(BTW this is one of those videos I watch at 1.5x speed to save time–can’t do it with everything but it works here–I think he was speaking slowly for a foreign audience.)

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Wow! Monica, what an impressive presentation. I certainly hope every one avails themselves of your post and views this video. I have not seen a presentation quite like this. And it’s very uplifting when one sees the caliber of folks who pursue different approaches to deal with the evil we face. The closing is also uplifting as the presenter will not be intimidated by the fear that we all instinctively feel when we become aware of the evildoers and the power they possess. If only we would all become educated and informed and rise up and return to the rule of law and honesty, morality, ethics, etc. etc. to our land.

This presenter reminds me of another brave American who appears to have been summarily executed by our government, just last Thursday on a rural road in Oregon. LaVoy Finicum, 55, a father of 11, believed in freedom and our rights. He peacefully stood up against our government, with hands up, and was taken down with 9 bullets, including to the face, according to reports I have read and videos I have viewed. The link I attach below is fellow protester Ammon Bundy’s statement (written and embedded audio link) from prison confinement. These statements tell why the government acted to end Lavoy’s life, in a “martial array” as defined by some (think of Patrick Henry’s time and famous speech, “Give me liberty…). The parallels are direct! Here’s the link:

We must wake up. The time is now.

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