1. hugh says:

    I just saw the sad news. Guess I’ll read an informative book now that Monica won’t be on the air this weekend. If my radio is on, the dial won’t be anywhere near the WSB location!

  2. William Reuter (no relation to the news service.) says:

    Hugh, I can’t believe you dissed the Dawgs. Of course, if the Dawgs win and they bump Monica without paying her…… booooooooo WSB.

  3. hugh says:

    This is sorry! Lose, Dogs, lose! It’s very sad WSB believes in the former Roman tradition of ‘Bread and Circuses’ as they sure provide copious amounts of ‘circuses’ to their audience. Don’t they think we are dumbed down enough already? Why does all the media need to cater to the crowd that wears their ball caps backwards?!

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