New Glossary Entry: Sacrificial Wolves
July 3, 2021 by Monica

First they came for Bill Cosby’s rights, then they came for Harvey Weinstein’s…when they came for mine, I found I had already given them up…

Sacrificial wolves are highly unsympathetic and apparently unscrupulous characters who are used to get buy-in in the court of public opinion that their behavior is so distasteful that their rights are no longer sacrosanct. This is a slippery slope & that is the reason the parasites-that-be sacrifice the rights of wolves first–so the rest of us slip down that slope.

(In a similar vein, do you really know what Lori Loughlin actually did? Read the FBI affidavit on her case here. The FBI admitted the scammers were afraid Lori would find out what they were up to! Yet they pressured her into bending the knee & private colleges will slide down that slope along with her and her family. #WTWOF)

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