Ron Paul Speaks: "Predictions In Due Time" and "What If?"

“I’m RACIST for criticizing Obama, a TERRORIST because I’m against the Bush wars, ANTISEMITIC for not supporting Israel unconditionally, a TEABAGGER for supporting the Constitution, a TRUTHER for asking unanswered questions, a TRAITOR for whistle-blowing on my corrupt government atrocities, a CONSPIRACY THEORIST for presenting documented facts, a TROLL for uploading news, videos, and quotes, and ANTI-AMERICAN for supporting a Constitutionalist like Dr. Ron Paul.”
–YouTube Comment


  1. David Williams says:

    Wow! Mrs Perez,
    Lifetime Libertarian myself raised in home with a Roosevelt Democrat, draft dodger during Vietnam CONFLICT. Joining the Navy and being tagged (Peace era Veteran). Honorably Discharged! Enough, How do we get you on the air more than 2 hours a week. Was pleased to see/hear others out there listening, Even if they pointed of discrepancies in your mono log. i.e. Road. Truth is that there are thousands of mile of highway build by the U.S. that have nothing to do with post road:lumber, oil, mining and our your tax dollars paid for and continue to pay for maintenance of said roads. So commerce move along and a The People pay the price. Land sets foul in areas where crops should be if the gov’t didn’t subsidize certain areas of produce. All the while promoting other product consumption. (i.e. GOT MILK) and I don’t know how many others. I’m just pissed off and need someone other there to listen. I wasn’t always this open ;like most Libertarian I keep my opinions to myself, Must like conservative not being joiner(people who work together) independent. I believe one issue voters are worse than the ignorant, who usually forget to vote! Unless the tour bus picks them up and takes them to the polls. Try as I have to stay off the gov’t grid, with all the new invasion of privacy acts, I find myself prepared to be discovered. Having wage my own private tax protest. I finally went to the annual tax protest 4/15/10. Dam thing turned into a Tea Party Event. Keeping a low profile has always been an objective, not wanting to end up like Wesley Snipes. But having suffered a stroke in Nov. of ’09 I have developed a personality disorder (impulsivity) Think your great, keep the faith, wishing you the best. Billy

    1. Monica Perez says:

      Thanks for listening! I did catch that about the roads–they are NOT post roads! I object to the post office too! That most certainly could be provided better privately. If we can show there’s a real desire out there for the libertarian view on the radio, we can get more airtime, I’m sure–so let’s keep plugging along. Keep listening and next time give me a call on the air!

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