Ron Paul Rally Video–I Hope My Mother Doesn't See This!

This is the video from yesterday’s Ron Paul Rally in Marietta Georgia. It was a great day. Ron Paul supporters are so cool: enthusiastic, nice, mellow–it was just awesome. At around 18:30 in this video I tell the story of my becoming aware of Ron Paul complete with a little imitation of my mother…


  1. valenteusa says:

    Oh wow, within 2 minutes of watching this video excerpt, I noticed you were able to capture ‘TMOTGA’, Ron Paul supporter from the YouTube community, on camera! It was furthermore refreshing to see learn that you knew who he was. Seems like supporters of liberty and justice always end up finding one another at some point in time.
    Please keep Ron Paul’s message of liberty and prosperity for all alive and well! Together, I know we can win. It’s not too late. If push comes to shove this election season, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll never see me vote for the lesser of 2 evils in my lifetime ever again. “Ron Paul or no one at all!”
    -Lorenzo. 🙂 RP-2012-2016!!!

  2. Passionate Monica! Ron Paul makes liberty lovers the world over pound the table with passion in pursuit of freedom. Great job! We need your voice of individual liberty and freedom. WSB should switch your time slot with Boortz!!!

  3. Eric Bigelow says:

    James Bell, I worked with him and Justin Stout in 08 for the Paul Campaign. Good to see him. Monica, absolutely wonderful speech. Entertaining, informative and enthusiastic. I can relate to just about everything you said. Once again, great job.

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