Ron Paul & More on The Monica Perez Show Today 3-7PM ET on WSB Radio

Don’t miss the show today–my interview with Ron Paul will be played from 3PM-4PM ET and again from 6-7PM ET with lots of good stuff in between like Binkley’s Man on the Street & what’s so crazy about thinking elections are rigged????

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  1. Helen H. says:

    Hi Monica, So great to tune in today and catch your interview with Ron Paul! Haven’t heard the show in awhile and this was a great one to come back in on. Let’s all keep on keeping on- waking people up to what has really been going on in our country behind the scenes for far too long. The ‘sheeple’ are starting to run in all directions! Great for bringing down the power structure of the ‘old world order’ and the ‘powers that shouldn’t be’. We have to hold the vision of what the framers of the Constitution had in mind for America- and be ready to pick up the pieces and restructure when the whole shebang comes crashing down- And we can do it! The days are numbered for the evil, fraudulent, corrupt and deceptive criminals who have undermined the American People and the People of the World. Thanks for being a shining light and continuing to make your voice heard. : )

  2. MissKing says:

    Woo-Hoo!!! Por fin! Monica Perez on the radio & Ron Paul! Happiness & joy this day. Been waiting lo-o-ong for this event. Thanking God 2 many foolsball is over!

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