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Here is US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland reporting to Chevron/Exxon that she impressed upon Ukraine’s President Yanukovich the importance of him working with the EU and the IMF.


Nuland tells these oil & gas execs that “we” have invested $5 billion to help Ukraine prepare to achieve its European aspirations, reinforcing other evidence that the United States and its proxies has been working to effect regime transformation for the past several years. One of the US partners in this effort is Pierre Omidyar, ebay founder and Edward Snowden enabler, whose partnership with the US in subverting a democratically-elected President calls into question the genuineness of the Glenn Greenwald-Edward Snowden anti-government activities he supports and lends credence to my long-held theory that Edward Snowden is anything from a black psy-op to a limited hangout, but is NOT a genuine whistleblower.

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