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Two corrections: (at marker 26:55) Stalin & Hitler didn’t like each other in the end (they liked each in the beginning); (at marker 29:47) Irving Kristol partnered up with Norman Podhoretz, not his son John.

Show notes….

Les Déplorables
Hillary Clinton names the five phobias of Donald Trump’s political supporters.

Donald Trump Promises Tax Cuts, Offset by Robust Growth
Skeptics in both parties question whether policies will deliver predicted GDP and employment gains

Republicans Are Slow to Back Donald Trump’s Paid Maternity-Leave Plan
Democrats criticize the proposal as insufficient compared with what Hillary Clinton is offering

Fiscal Policy Makes a Quiet Turn Toward Stimulus
Shift in political winds toward populism weakens appetite for austerity

The Great Unraveling: A Wall Street Journal series examining the economic roots of America’s populist discontent
In Places With Fraying Social Fabric, a Political Backlash Rises
Donald Trump gets strong support where churches, civic groups and safety net are in trouble; discombobulated Reading, Pa.

Boy With BB Gun Fatally Shot by Police in Ohio
Columbus mayor urges calm as department and county prosecutor investigate the shooting

Philippine President Duterte Ordered Killings as Mayor, Senate Witness Says
In televised Senate hearings, man says he participated in a death squad under Duterte’s command

Dick Morris – prescient or programming?
Power Grab: Obama’s Dangerous Plan for a One Party Nation,

Abandoning the White working Class

Report from Iron Mountain

Irving Kristol’s Autobiography of Neo-Conservatism

The Use of Knowledge in Society, by Friedrich Hayek

Dollars for Terror synopsis

A Force That Has Changed The Political Scene, by Sen. John F. Kennedy

Cracking the Code on MH370

In the video below, observe fresh, clean passports being scattered around the MH17 crash site (see c. 2:00 for that; at 3:00 you can see that two of the passports have been invalidated–one has a hole punched in it, the other a triangular tab)

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