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Earl in Duluth nailed it in the second hour. And the guy who explained the racing tactic and connected it to Trump, Cruz, and Rubio-this just has my head spinning! I think bcz i realize it’s a valid possibility.

Some really great calls and of course Monica’s analysis. So refreshing to hear some honesty on WSB from a local host, and not the tripe that Erickson peddles nonstop! I remain a Trump supporter and volunteer, but I do not totally discount some of the possibilities discussed by the callers. I’m so glad Trump has raised the ‘eligibility issue’ re Cruz, but the same problem relates to Rubio, and also to Jindal who dropped out. None of these three are Natural Born Citizens! As much as I detest Chris Matthews, he had a great comment the other day re this Repubican Debate: (paraphrasing and referring to Cruz and Rubio) “Why do we want to watch a couple of Cubans debate to become the U.S. President”. I loved it!

And continuing with this train of thought, I think the libertarians miss the boat with their thinking on ‘immigration’. Libertarians appear to view the world solely through an ‘economic’ lens. I strongly believe other factors must be considered in the calculus as to how to create stable communities or nations. Indeed, what is the definition (origin!) of ‘nation’? In a word, ‘Multiculturalism’ is suicide!

And ps: H. Clinton’s email issue is not ‘smoke and mirrors’ in my opinion. It very well might pale by comparison to the alleged murders, etc. in the Clintons’ past, but is a very, very serious matter. The Establishment is in a bind over this. They do not want to do anything about it, but so much information is in the public’s hands at this point that the specific credibility of the FBI and in general, our entire government, is at stake! (even more so then it currently is!)

How is this not Irrational bigotry? And how is this nationalism different from the kind that led to Germany’s aggression and destruction in WW2? What church do they teach this “keep the people’s separate” doctrine in? It’s very similar to J.B. Stoner wanting to ship black Americans to Africa. What would it hurt if you had to eat your supper next to a Mexican? Are you that scared?. Reach out and love people instead of hiding from them, and you will find yourself closer to God, and closer to your neighbors.

From your comments you appear to not be an observer of events, here or around the world. You also appear to have a limited understanding of human nature. I’m attaching below a link re the recent gang rapes in Cologne, Germany and elsewhere. I wouldn’t suggest you try to peddle your ‘kumbyya’ views to the European ladies who experienced the outpouring ‘love’ from the newcomers!

Are you aware that the very same sort of claims were made about black folks? That it was part of their nature to rape white women. The klan even made their own little movie about it. It was a favorite of Klansmen everywhere. Rape hysteria has been used by hate groups since there have been hate groups. it was used against jews, Hispanics, the Irish, The Chinese. I wonder if you understand your own nature, Hugh. Often we become the things we hate. Don’t you think it would be good if Jesus were to “come by here” , Hugh? After all, the song wasn’t in some African language, It was “come by here” Even the slightest amount of critical thinking would suggest that german authorities are not willing to stem aggression, or allow people to defend themselves. We haven’t had that sort of thing because we are armed here in the US, not because of our pure white blood. A study of human nature would show that any culture would be more civil and less rapey if it’s people were allowed to keep and bear arms. Your comparison, therefore, is not applicable.

And remember, kumbaya isn’t African for “where’s de white wimmins” like you imagine. It’s “Come by here, My Lord.”

the rapes in Cologne happened right on cue…I was already predicting syrian migrant crimes would be used to justify intervention in Syria…if it wasn’t a psyop in itself, certainly the media coverage is playing into the Clash of Civilizations theme.

I substantially agree with your points, but I would carry them further. Certainly the migrant crimes are used to enlist our support for a regime change in Syria. But I think a greater objective (Soros et al) is to flood Europe with non-Europeans to create chaos. Indeed it is totally unfair to just make reference to Syrians as Africans and others are also involved. And to Bradrad, I really have no special malice toward the migrants as they are merely pawns or tools used to destroy. This goes back to human nature. The West is plundering the third world and we have forced their fighting aged men into proximity with our women as we have destroyed their lands. Were I in their shoes, I would not be a happy camper either. The West are the bad guys here and we are reaping what we sow! The West is using human nature / behavior as a weapon. And when I use the term The West, I’m referring to those that are in control.

Now, I would point out that culture itself is a concept that only appeals to a sense of collectivism. This beloved, undefinable collective that we supposedly have within our borders only exists in your mind, because, as we demonstrate here, we do not have a collective mind, or will, or even a common understanding of what this collective is, or who is in it. In school they hammered this idea into our brains, that “we” are a righteous nation, and that “our” loyalty to this collective is the only thing that keeps the world from descending into savage chaos. This is why “patriots’ are so fond of saying “we”, because at the heart of your conditioning is the government’s need for you to stop being an individual, and become a “great American” , lol.. And by “Great American” I mean a flag worshipping, mound building, propertyless possession of the state, ready at a moments notice to sting the hive’s enemy without even asking if you and the hive share the same enemy at all. A patriot is an ox, or a hunting dog, or a cow or a sheep or some other kind of farm animal of the state. This national pride is detrimental to freedom all over the globe, whether it be the Nazis, the Koreans , the “americans” or whatever.
One ought to be very careful of the ideas he is loyal to, I don’t give my loyalty to collectives, because collectives do not really exist. only individual persons exist. If I generalize about a group of people, I am likely to be right about some of that group, but I am absolutely positive that I will be sinning against innocent people. I would rather a hundred guilty men go free, than to lay the axe to one innocent man’s neck. My soul depends upon it.

I think I understand why it’s hard to sell libertarian ideas in any media. I believe that when you successfully describe what politics is, people learn that there is nothing to debate about really. All politics and politicians consist of the same thing, so it’s boring to talk about. I find myself more interested in how I can find things to do that make me a little more free than yesterday. This is the thing that all politicians agree must be stopped. No one should ever realize that they can govern themselves. I’m sorry I’m not as interested in your political shows for this reason, but I hope that while I am listening, I will hear something that will be free from the delusion that politics can achieve anything but evil.

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