British Brexiteer Boris Johnson & US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

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At around 25:00 in hour 1, Michael called with a disturbing call about globalist regulations in his town in John’s Creek–holy cow! Here’s more…
Has Your Town Adopted the International Property Maintenance Code?

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I’m going to address this whole thing Quite differently. I had the miss fortune of serving on active duty during the entire 8 years of the Clinton Administration. Two types of people get to know the President of the United States. One being the secret service and two being active duty military. I served from Carter to Bush junior. I found that liberal politicians assume that military types are to stupid so they let their guard down. That being said I found Bill Clinton to be the ultimate politician. I do believe that he practiced on anything that could breathe. He was known for throwing his sales pitch to anyone, especially those who obviously did not care for him, or his politics. I’m going down this rabbit hole for a reason. Ok here goes, it’s no state secret that Bill and Hillary rubbed elbows with Donald Trump in the past. It’s also known (briefly stated) that Bill Climton suggested to Donald to run. This being said knowing that Bill Clinton does absolutely nothing unless there’s something in the end for him, I would suggest that Bill Clinton would benefit from this election. REGARDLESS of the outcome. In the Combat Operation Center of any military operation we call this “counting latrines to calculate enemy troop size and health”.
I’ll stay in the race as long as you do.

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