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***2014 Fan Favorite***
The Constitution in a Nutshell: Podcast of February 1, 2014 Show

***2013 Fan Favorite***
Minimum Wage, the Big Picture: Podcast of December 17, 2013 Show

***2012 Fan Favorite***
The Lesser of Two Evils Is Still Evil! 2012


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If you click on your “Podcasts” link, please note the following:
Click on April 14, 21, and May 5th. Notice that there is no “highlightable link” to left click in Windows 7 and “save target as…” There is only the ability to play the podcast on your website by clicking the play arrow.
Click on April 29 and there are two links (Hour 1 & 2) that can be left clicked and saved to a device in the manner described above.
This occurs in both MS IE 9 and Google Chrome browsers.
I prefer to download the podcasts when I’m on a working WiFi connection and listen to them offline at a later time (driving, mowing the lawn, or similar).
Please advise.

Yes. Please work on a good RSS feed. Many of us don’t use iThings and when trying to get to the above link on a mobile device you can’t get there because it takes you to the mobile version of the site (breaks the link)!

Monica, Love your show. I, too, use an RSS aggregator through WSB which worked great until after 9/16 when they stopped posting your shows. Can you ask them to resume posting them like before? Thanks.

I spoke to WSB and they said they are on it! I’ll be on for Adam Goldfein again this Wednesday so that one they should get up on my feed. I’ll see if they can do the back shows, but I’m not as sure about that.

I am listening to your 8/4 show podcast, hr 1.
I heard you comparing ancaps, libertarian min-archists, etc and also suggesting that we should make room for the government handling of communicable diseases/health care, in addition to typical offense called “defense” in newspeak.
As a voluntaryist, I leave no camels nose in the tent for tyranny.
health care is its own newspeak. But even if we could trust our government completely the way Brokaw’s Greatest Generation still does, I would not want the government to have any control over health care or defense- or anything else. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
A government that has control over diseases strains, the way they do over FCC spectrum, and it currently sees the US as a military “Theatre” where any libertarian, antiwar, or God forbid- tea party hack, is able to find themselves listed on Obama’s Tuesday morning Kill list to be drone struck, is just as likely to be “ebola”ed to death.
After all, anyone else who dies around them is just “collateral damage” or “was worth it” – the US government really does not have your health and welfare at heart, except in ways that it can manipulate to its advantage- and that is not to be trusted.
Cynical much? Sure. But just like we are not paranoid if they really are out to get us, as Snowden proved, we have no basis to believe at all that we can trust the government with scarce, precious, dangerous or really any resources.
Ever since the supreme court struck down the government’s “Duty to Protect” from its list of responsibilities, we have no benefit to providing our allegiance- the basis for the exchange of citizenship.
Brady may have jumped in front of Reagan to take a bullet for him, but no cop who’s first rule is “come home to your wife” will ever do that for a “citizen” even if they are in time to save you. Usually we need our own defense because when “seconds” count, police or medics are just “minutes” away.
A private company (not a fascist gov contractor) would have a financial interest in the proper care of its patients and in a competitive market there would be various market choices for remote locations, airplanes, medical personnel and others capable of handling ebola and other diseases- who would have a track record of positive containment, and otherwise minimized negative impacts on others, with care for all affected.
It would only go into the business for profit, and it would only stay in business if it was good at what it does. Otherwise it would go out of business or be purchased by a company with better resources or grasp of staying in business.
We have no free market today. All the health care and insurance companies are fascist in nature and so there is no operational libertarian, anarchist, or voluntaryist example.
Today’s R-Goldman Sachs and D-Goldman Sachs politicians have no interest in liberty. Hillarycare equals Obamacare equals Romneycare and will equal whatever they shove down our throats next election.
If you need health care, think like a prepper, a survivalist, or an individualist. Over time, it will become impossible to receive proper treatment from what used to be church hospitals anywhere in the country.
Ok- ending my rant. Good show.

Recommend- upload podcasts to soundcloud and allow comments to be placed within the stream at the timestamp relevant within. Check out Free Talk Live and their Sound Cloud page.
Also, use disqus for comments via the disqus plugin to wordpress. This allows people to keep track of posts on different sites within their same related disqus account.

I used to listen to your podcast religiously but since jan 2015 I don’t see downloaded into my iPhone! I liked your Facebook page long time ago

If we were a nation run by a libertarian party over the last 250 years how would our government look? Would we have a executive, legislative, and judicial branch? Would we be free to suceed without an IRS, too many laws, and regulations that keep us down?

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