These clips of Piers Morgan “debating” gun control is pretty hilarious. This is basically how the conversation goes:
Larry Pratt: “These are the facts and reasoning behind my position.”
Piers Morgan: “You’re an idiot.”
But did you know that Piers Morgan was disgraced in England, being fired for publishing false photos? Check it out: Editor sacked over ‘hoax’ photos. And he calls Pratt a liar?!
Update: Contrast Larry’s performance–which struck a blow for gun rights advocates–with Alex Jones’ performance–which struck a blow for gun control advocates.

So essentially, Piers himself is actually an idiot? Lol! He debates like a child.
I guess I’ll add to it that he’s also disgraceful and lacks journalistic integrity. It’s too bad mainstream America values his opinions; taking what he says for Gospel.

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