My show was really only an hour this week – I had a few minutes of intro before this podcast starts but you’re not really missing anything. I will get into this topic more deeply next week on my show at the regular time, Saturday 3-6PM ET on WSB.

Check out the picture above. Do you see the shadows on the Japanese hostages’ necks? The hostage on the jihadi’s right is casting a shadow to his left as if the sun were on his right, yet the hostage on the jihadi’s left is casting a shadow toward his right as if the sun were on his left. Are there two suns? Not on this planet. Looks more like they are in a studio against a green screen with two big lights. Think that sounds crazy? Fox News was forced to report that these videos appear to be filmed before green screens in a studio and not actually in the desert! So, if the videos that are supposed to prove these events are actually staged, why is Fox still reporting these events as if they are in evidence? Bizarre. For more bizarre contradictions in the ISIS story, check out this blogpost I mention in the podcast: What if ISIS isn’t what it appears to be?

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