Both the events at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada and in Eastern Ukraine demonstrate how anti-government action begins and how it might unfold…let’s talk about the causes and prospects in both situations and I’ll tell you my gut on the geopolitical significance of what Putin’s up to…3-6PM ET on News 95-5 and AM750 WSB.
Here are a couple of visuals to get you in the mood…
Just wondering if you think there’s anyway Putin & Lavrov are gonna post a selfie tooling around Moscow in the back of the ZiL? Somehow, I doubt it.

1D274905648555-today-biden-instagram-140417-01.blocks_today_desktop_teaselavrov_and_putin_cc_93013And here is some video of the “pro-Russian militants” who have stopped the heavy artillery in Eastern Ukraine.

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I’d like to again mention the silver lining to government control. While controlling us requires time, effort, and money, and is historically bad for income, disobedience often requires little time or effort, and can actually be profitable. If they pass enough laws, the laws become irrelevant. Everyone is a becomes a criminal, so they would have to build a fence around the entire country to house us. sound familiar? Just for fun, I’ll also say that The Republicans are the ones who will build the fence that keeps us in, on the pretense that it is built to keep Mexicans out.

That reminds me of something I read the other day: a Democrat president could never get away with taking our guns – a Republican will have to do it.
I LOVED it when Ron Paul in I think a presidential primary debate said “those fences could keep us in” – the candidates and moderators on stage roared with mocking laughter. Then I saw footage of Condi Rice & W saying “no one could ever have imagined people would crash planes into buildings” – a little imagination might go a long way in safeguarding what’s left of our liberty.

I’ve long been a proponent of the fence as I do want to stop the invasion of our nation. But with that said, you make a very interesting point about the fence being a further control over the rightful citizens! But ps, you don’t have to worry about the Republicans building a fence as they (elected Republicans) do not want it either. Any suggestions to that effect on their part are only words to con their base.

One fantastic show! Your analysis is always excellent and you also had callers who have connected the dots and offered most solid insight, with some new twists to consider. And I want to highlight the consideration of those new twists, as I do believe what we are looking at is very complex. Many agendas are in play! It is not a simple matter of ‘this or that’. In my opinion, most of the additional points brought up by the callers had merit, except those folks that still trust FauxNews (FoxNews). I certainly do not shy away from what the main stream media would consider “conspiratorial”. It is so amazing to me that our “gate keepers” can deem something as as ‘conspircacy’ and so many of us roll over and shut down our brains and sensors!. With that said, I belive an agenda (or sub-agenda) was to gauge the patriots’ reaction to the Bundy matter. But that is only a limited reaction to the many excellent observations brought forth today!

Recently I watched Fareed on CNN. I am a conservative. Yet, all people will have words worth hearing. The comment was our treatment of Russia after the Cold War. After World War One, Germany was humiliated,by the Allies. We got Nazism and Hitler and War. After the second World War,Japan and Germany,again were given aid and invited to participate with other countries. Look at them now. Leaders of Countries,especially countries that lose wars,need to be given a chance to save face. The United States is big enough to act like a magnanimous winne

It is a big leap to make to be able to tolerate the information and views offered by those with fundamentally different politics, but there is so much to learn by not only the content but the contrast as well, so no judgments here on watching CNN. (I can’t watch cable news at all anymore, though – not because of the ideology but the propaganda – there’s just too much to sift through!)
Regarding Russia….What is becoming clear in the Ukraine is that Russia made great sacrifices to fight the Nazis and the Nazis became extremely anti-Russian and committed great atrocities on the eastern front. As much as I hate communism and detested our alliance with the Soviets through the UN as well as shrink in horror at the many murders committed by Stalin, the reality is that the current resurgence of neo-Nazism in the Urkaine rightly has ethnic Russians there quaking in their boots. Another thing that must be considered is that Russian is different from Soviet. Yes, there are soviet sympathizers and communists among the Russian population, but some say communism was thrust upon them and was not inherent to their make-up. There is considerable documentary evidence that John D Rockefeller financed the bolsheviks to neutralize the threat Czarist Russia posed to Rockefeller’s hegemony over oil in space and time (successfully on all fronts, I might add). One thing to consider when distinguishing between Russian and Soviet is that the Soviet leadership banned religion, yet the Russian Orthodox Church remains a pillar of strength. I would argue that Russian Orthodoxy is the essence of “Russian” yet it is the antithesis of Soviet.
All that said, Putin believes in the power of the state both to tame capitalism (which the east has concluded from their experience with the oligarchs to be inherently corrupt or at least eminently corruptible) and to fulfill social obligations to its citizens…unlike me, he accepts the ideal of social democracy and he might be the very rare leader who could implement it benignly or even benevolently (as opposed to Obama who the world mistakenly thought to be the “one” who could that), but once Putin’s sun sets, the state will surely revert to its natural condition returning to the hands of those of the morally bankrupt who pursue and attain power.

Very enlightening. I have a friend who is progressive and refers to Fox News as “Faux” news. CNN though,has brought the tablets down from the mountain of truth, or written the Bible of Good and Proper Government Function..She is much more educated than I am. College and Phd.
I have just Forty one years of life learning,presuming young people only come .to their senses at age twenty five.

It’s the two party psy-op…your party focuses you on the fraud of the opposition but unless you look over your shoulder you don’t see the fraud on your side. That’s why I commend you for looking at your side through the other window. As for higher education, I’ve had plenty and the people I know from those days are fully committed to the status quo because it works for them. As for age, I kinda think 40 is when the scales really fall from your eyes, but maybe I’m a late bloomer!

Okay. I’ll take Forty,but before that you really get suckered into bad territory and then it is hard for an honest person to get you to at least CONSIDER the possibility you are wrong I generally don’t show it,but I am also a Independent Catholic Priest(associated with Jesus in Heaven,not the Vatican in Rome) and we ordain women and don’t get money from our followers if we have them,I don’t, i’m all about Nursing Homes.My Bishop is Puerto Rican and her husband is a civilian who was Vice-President of Tax Compliance for JP Morgan Chase Bank. and was in his office at Thirty Rock when the Towers went down. So,we live in the real world. They have a Bio son and a adopted Korean daughter. He just turned 70. I worked until Jan 31st, When I retired from the material world.

Jesus said,”The Sabbath is made for Man (and Woman) not Man (and Woman) for the Sabbath.”
Many Baptists don’t celebrate the Birth Of Jesus.
I asked them why and was told,”He has already been born, died and risen. We’re now waiting for his return. so we don’t see any point.” If some religious read the Late Jaroslav Pelikan’s “Whose Bible is It,, hat might wind them up, as there are three and which one is the right one to follow. Good Night.

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