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I have gotten a few special requests this week for show topics and I think two of them dovetail nicely…the first is…Who do I like in the GOP field? I can’t go so far as to say I “like” any professional politicians, but I can give a kind of answer to that…I will countdown my top ten GOP candidates this Saturday in anticipation of the first debate, which is next Thursday.
In order to cleanse my brain of all the political mumbo jumbo that is bound to come up in the course of that conversation, I will accommodate another popular request…another installment of “Ask the Libertarian”…I’m going to dedicate the last half hour of the show to that and, with the help of special guest Christa DiBiase, see how many questions I can get to, so please tell me what you want to know either here in the comments section to this post or you can email me through the tab above. I already have some questions in my inbox on immigration, conspiracy theories and even car exhaust! But I will try to get to anything and everything you ask ­čÖé


  1. hugh says:

    This thought ties into my comment above and to your response to earlier comments you made to me when rebutting my thoughts posted to Monica’s earlier thread ‘Something smells fishy on the pier…’. That thread was about the killing of the young female American by an Illegal Alien who had been deported multiple times and allowed back in due to the treasonous ‘Sanctury City’ policy that the Feds permit (probably encourage!). Bradrad, you had used the words ‘bigotry’ and ‘tyrant’ in reference to my thoughts. So with that said, when I read the attached article as linked below (from a leftist source, no less!), I thought of you. So this is what you want? I sure don’t. Here’s the link:

  2. hugh says:

    Monica, great show today, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised you had Trump near the top at #3. I would have him #1, but with that said, I’m extremely suspicious of motives and I certainly disagree with many of his positions. It’s just his ‘immigration’ language and exposing of the ‘system’ that has me currently ready to pull the lever his way.
    What surprised me also, but not pleasantly, was you having Kasich #2. I understand Kasich worked for both Lehman Bros. and Rupert Murdoch, and that the latter put $1 million into his last governor’s campaign. That money does not come without attached strings. I think Kasich is clearly a tool of the elite (as are most of the others) and was thrown into the mix to achieve certain campaign strategy objectives. He is classified as a ‘Controlled Candidate’ in the article I attach below.
    But perhaps I’m being picky here as I believe neither you nor I are excited about the field of candidates. I’m attaching a website link that I found helpful as it provides another knowledgable analysis of the whole charade. It’s called “World Affairs Brief”. There is a bio on the site of the analyst, and the article I’m suggesting is titled “Backgrounder on Republican Candidates”. Here’s the link:

  3. hugh says:

    I understand not all libertarians hold the same position on ‘immigration’ issues. In fact some camps hold that the typical libertarian approach can not work in a multicultural environment. And this same camp recognizes that the government is using open borders, and thus using libertarians, as a weapon against the healthy society to destabilize the society. It would be interesting to hear Monica address the different camps of libertarians re the issue of immigration. Perhaps that was the question she was going to respond to?

    1. hugh says:

      I had posted a ‘question for the libertarian’, but perhaps due to time constraints, my question was not fully addressed. But lo and behold, ‘The Mises Institute’ (libertarian) had published a commentary that better addresses my grave concerns, and that article was republished by ‘Zerohedge’, where I found it. This article addresses the inconsistencies among the libertarians which I wanted to understand. I still think I’m on the right track with my views in this regard…the evidence of that is all around us…right in front of our eyes! P.S. I would love to have a direct conversation with Hans-Hermann Hoppe (major libertarian) as I bet we might substantially agree on this issue! Here’s the article link:

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