Obamacare, Romneycare & Proof That Both Parties March Us Down the Road to Serfdom: On & About This Week’s Show

Here is a video of the press conference Obama held last week. For Obama’s discussion of Obamacare and the Supreme Court as well as the sycophantic attitude of the reporter (which garners chuckles from fellow reporters) start at 20:00–the relevant part runs about six minutes.

In case you think pressuring judges is just a practice of the left, check out what Newt would do…

Of course the Libertarian view is always to maintain the rule of law even if you don’t like the outcome…

Here is the article I found that shows that Romneycare was no accident–Romney was deliberately trying to make the Republican platform–his presidential campaign platform–more liberal by “stealing” issues traditionally owned by the Democrats: Lessons from the Fall of Romneycare
Regarding Obamacare, in discussing what I planned for this week’s show, a neighborhood teen and family friend asked me why I objected to Obamacare. I told him my objections were both moral and economic–moral because using the inherently violent forced taxation system to take from one citizen in order to give to another is stealing and thus immoral, and economic because the distortion inherent in bypassing the free market pricing system will always result in an outcome less desirable than a free system. On one of my favorite websites, mises.org, I came upon this article that does a great job in addressing both of these points simply and clearly: What’s Really Wrong With The Healthcare Industry?
Finally, I also referred to this graph on the show. Every President and every Congress for the past fifty years, regardless of party, has made the government bigger than it was before–without exception!

The Police State Cometh
Excessive force in prosecution of the Drug War–what else is new? Submachine Guns Drawn, Seattle Police Break Down Door of Medical Marijuana Patient, Push Him to the Floor, and Raid His Homeā€”for Two Tiny Pot Plants. But at least he lived: U.S. Marine Jose Guerena Shot 60 times

The Paulbot Next Door

I played my first Paulbot Next Door voicemail today–it was great! If you are a normal person and a libertarian, please give me a call telling me a little about yourself and try to help change the reputation that Libertarians are just a bunch of kooks! Click here for the number.

Conspiranoid Mind-Vitamin

I didn’t get to this on the show but here it is anyway. This week’s conspiranoid mind-vitamin focuses on the claim that not only did the polio vaccine not cure polio, but current programs run by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization meant to eradicate polio in India may have resulted in TENS OF THOUSANDS of cases of paralysis. Here is the article on the polio vaccine overall: Vaccines Didn’t Cure Polio After All? And here is the article on the current problem in India: Paralysis Cases Spike in Wake of Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccination Effort in India.

Other References

On the show tonight I also referred to Albert Jay Nock’s Our Enemy the State, Mike Gray’s Drug Crazy, and the American Spectator article, America’s Ruling Class.
I hope you enjoyed the show! If you missed it, you can listen to podcasts of past shows on wsbradio.com.


  1. americanliberaltimes says:

    In reference to: “using the inherently violent forced taxation system to take from one citizen in order to give to another is stealing and thus immoral, and economic because the distortion inherent in bypassing the free market …”
    The tax system may be “Immoral” but it certainly is part of The Constitution of The United States.
    The Constitution gives the Fed the right to levy taxes and it doesn’t say a word about how those taxes are to be used.

    1. Monica Perez says:

      I am an anarcho-capitalist! I don’t believe the violence inherent in coercive, monopoly government is justified or necessary! Please ready my reviews of Democracy The God That Failed and especially Our Enemy The State. One of my points of departure with Ron Paul and mainstream Libertarians is what I consider to be the utopian fantasy that a government that is granted a monopoly on the use of force, the meting out of justice and the ability to tax can ever limit itself–no piece of paper, including our Constitution could or has restrained government and kept it within the bounds of sacrificing itself to protect the rights of citizens.

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