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  1. J.Hary says:

    Its clear the MSM – NYT, WaPo, NBC, CSPIN, CBS, PBS, DEMOCRACY NOW, FORD, AND SOROS want sheeple and they want to destroy your imagination. They want programmed followers who, reduced to base instincts: consume, sex, violence, guns, conflict, divide (us vs. them, right vs. left, race, religion, etc.) even Law and Order / CSI and Hollywood show guns as if they are marketing them, as if the shiny nickel plated one is sexy like the 750.00 i-phone. And of course, the
    reinforcement of the concept that ‘justice equals revenge’ … (e.g. the Democrats GOP payback agenda obstructing Trump)

    Sitting Ducks: The Law & Order Franchise and You
    June 26, 2015 by Melissa Fraser

    I’m a Liberal, but I’m loyal to the anti-war movement – not the Democrat Party.

    Not surprising how the PBS, DEMOCRAC Y NOW, FORD, AND SOROS – TIDES, CENTER FOR AMERICAN PROGRESS FOUNDATIONS are all on the same page funding Syria terrorist ‘moderates’ while falsely blaming Assad for an ephemeral ‘torture gulag’ and ‘barrel bomb’ atrocities – there’d be NO WAR IN SYRIA HAD HILLERY AND OBAMA NOT HAD THE CIA USE JORDAN/TURKEY BASES FOR ARMS SUPPLIES, QUATAR FOR AIRSTRIKES ….

    Who Funded and Armed the Islamic State Fighters?

    “To give us an idea of some of the thought processes that go on within the U.S. administration behind closed doors and which ultimately decides U.S. foreign policy, the Council on Foreign Relations, an influential think tank within the U.S., has expressed some quite provocative views on Syria. They did this on their official website, The Council on Foreign Relations can boast of past members who include CIA directors, leading bankers and representatives from the media, and more than a dozen Secretaries of State (Council on Foreign Realtions – Wikipedia). The CFR regularly meets with representatives of the government, the intelligence community and business leaders to discuss matters of international concern. Through a subordinate think tank, the David Rockefeller Studies Program, the CFR seeks to directly influence U.S. foreign policy by addressing Congress and also by directly petitioning the presidential office.

    “In an article entitled, “Al-Qaeda’s Specter in Syria” published on their official website, the CFR has the following to say on the Syrian war, “The Syrian rebels would be immeasurably weaker today without al-Qaeda in their ranks.” And it continues, “The influx of jihadis brings discipline, religious fervor, battle experience from Iraq, funding from Sunni sympathizers in the Gulf, and most importantly, deadly results. In short, the FSA [Free Syrian Army – editor] needs al-Qaeda now.” (Al-Qaeda’s Specter in Syria – In a further article entitled, “Syria: Why al-Qaeda is Winning”, the author has the following to say on al-Qaeda, “The Syrian opposition is benefiting hugely from the terrorist organization’s determination, discipline, combat experience, religious fervor, and ability to strike the Assad regime where it hurts most.” (Syria: Why al-Qaeda Is Winning – ”

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