I recently posted on my facebook page a video of Obama saying we’re training ISIS. Normally I would chalk this up to a benign misstatement except for all the evidence that we actually ARE behind ISIS! (Here is a list of references for this, here is a shocking Fox News story that the video of the Egyptian copts beheaded in Libya is fake, and here is a discussion of a recent intelligence report that supports the view that ISIS was intentionally created by US allies with our blessing.) I am therefore inclined to think of this as a Freudian slip. In response to my posting this on facebook, other people responded with similar misstatements or Freudian slips by the Obamas. Here they are…

We are training ISIS

My Muslim faith…(just for the record, I think Obama made it pretty clear with his “clinging to guns and religion” statement that he is not religious, so I don’t think he is a closet practicing Muslim, but judge the clip for yourself.)

Obama, All in the Company

This is the one I find fascinating…Here Obama says his father served in World War II. If you want to really dive down the rabbit hole, read this gripping article about Obama’s CIA connections: Obama, All in the Company, which shows a picture that appears to be Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, with Barack Obama Sr. before Obama Sr. met Stanley Ann Dunham supposedly by chance in a Russian language class in Hawaii. I also noticed how strange it is that Obama looks more like his grandfather than he does like his mother. I’m not going to read too much into that, though–it could easily happen in nature, but the whole story taken together raises some questions. See the photos below the video.


Kenya: Barack’s Home Country

Here is one you’ve probably already heard since it has over four million hits on youtube. After reading the fascinating article referred to above, Obama, All in the Company, I don’t think Obama was born in Kenya–I think the mystery of his birth is more about his parentage than location, but this is an unfortunate slip up by Michelle. (I have heard theories that the Kenyan birth issue was a deliberate distraction encouraged by the Obama camp, but I don’t think it really matters either way. Where Obama was born is not the problem this country faces.)

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