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Once the scales fell from my eyes and I saw the two party system for what it was–an oligarchy no more savory than the Five Families of New York–there was no turning back.
I knew something was fishy after awhile when I realized that the Republicans claim to be fiscally conservative yet no matter who is in the White House or which party dominates congress, government spending grows and grows. And it’s no accident. The Republicans made a decision forty years ago to give up on the American Way and co-opt the welfare state for its own purposes. I’ll tell you my proof on this week’s show.
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  1. Monica Perez says:

    I want to stop Obama, but I want to stop the others too–both parties are marching us down the road to serfdom. Even if Ron Paul were elected, he couldn’t change the direction of this country single-handedly and his failure to do so might even have set back the credibility of his ideas. No, my position is not just sour grapes, it is an attempt to question the assumptions that have been betraying us.
    I will respectfully submit, furthermore, that people such as I with whom you may not agree should not give you pause to regret your service. The reason you cannot “peg me” is that you don’t recognize someone honestly pursuing the truth regardless of the implications, perhaps because this is rarely encountered in the mainstream media. This kind of honest inquiry and open discussion will foster the triumph of truth over falsehood even if I end up being wrong and you right. You were right to fight for our freedom of speech and I thank you.

    1. kmkenpo says:

      Thank you for your well thought out response, and even though we are going to disagree, I respect your position. My issue, although some would debate that I have many, is that and many others seem bent on casting your vote(s) for Ron Paul. He is clearly not going to be the nominee, yet regardless of that fact, Ron Paul supporters are determined to sit this one out… to send a message. This does not send a message, it cheapens the results.
      Here is a question that I have as yet been able to get an answer… If, and I stress if, we have 3 candidates… Independent, Democrat and Republican. Lets just say they happen to be… Paul, Obama and Romney, for the sake of the question. Do you honestly think, by people voting for Paul, the small percentage that it will most likely be, do you think that percentage will assist in removing Obama, or keeping Obama in office?
      A vote for the 3rd party, whatever name you attach to it, splits the vote for the other 2, and in most cases, the results are disastrous. In this example, with what is at stake, Ron Paul, no matter how you feel about him, is diluting the chances of removing Obama from office.
      I get that you don’t agree with the “anyone but Obama” crowd, I am not beating you up for that conviction. It just seems to me that we actually want the same thing, we want to be at the same destination, some place other than where Obama wants to take us. You call it Serfdom, I call it Socialism. Call it what you will… as long as Obama isn’t allowed to take us there, I care not the label you give it.
      Please, and I ask this from my heart… that non-manly thing that I so ofter repress… please, stop giving your listeners the impression that they should sit this one out, or that they should voter to send a message. My children, YOUR children, they are going to be the ones that suffer for keeping Obama in office. You may not like the other candidate, I get that, and many feel the same way. Obama will be looking for the split, he will certainly accept a victory, whether the victory is won… or handed to him.

  2. kmkenpo says:

    I have to chime in here. I have had the hardest time pegging you, trying to figure out what you are all about, and trying my level best to enjoy your show. Honestly, I am saddened by your (and so many others like you) attitude of voting to send a message. As our system stands, a vote for Ron Paul WILL be a vote for Obama… yet you fail to see it. Just because your “champion” hasn’t been nominated, you are going to throw a vote after Ron Paul, just to “send a message?” Really? That is pathetic. Take a few moments and find some paper and a pen, write your thoughts on the paper, and send it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. At least someone there will take the time to note your opinion. Voting for Ron Paul, Obama will thank you. How, my goodness, HOW? I get the idea behind standing for what you believe… crud, I served this country so that people such as you can offer opinions such as this. All you are doing, ranting about the “lesser of two evils” and standing at “judgment day”, all you are doing is GIVING Obama 4 more years. Please, put away your childish ideas of Anarchy this-that-or-the-other-thing… grow up a little, and do the right thing… stop Obama. You seem much smarter than this. For crying out loud, take a listen to Boortz, even he changed his mind and saw that voting Libertarian was wasting his voice… again, Obama will be looking for children to keep him in that office. I have never regretted my service, but people such as you, make me pause for thought.

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