No Truth, No Justice: Podcast of October 12 Show

Hour 1
Hour 2

Here are some of the things I mentioned on the show:
Suzanna Gratia Hupp responds to Chuck Schumer’s FOAD look with brass knuckles! (I hope he plotzed when she showed up herself for work in Congress sometime after this. What a woman!)

This is the new book about the militarization of the police I discussed on the show.

Here is the interview with Reni Manukyan, the wife of FBI-slain Ibragim Todashev.
Here is a fascinating theory of the Miriam Carey incident by American Everyman – he makes Columbo look like Inspector Clouseau!
Correction: I referred to the inventor of the Panoptican as John Bentham, but his name was Jeremy Bentham.

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