I always search a new term I coin to see if someone else coined it first, usually by going to google images, typing in my term and hoping that anyone who’s gone before had a juicy picture that I could borrow.

Well, you can imagine what happened when I did that for my latest term:

“truth porn!” LOL! Seriously, I’ve never searched for anything with the word “porn” in it before so I didn’t realize how front and center it is, but it proved my point. I’vehwybvgf3bi read numerous articles lately or at least seen references to them that porn is highly addictive–some people can’t pull themselves away, apparently. (Reminds me of Will Ferrell doing yoga–he learns a new trick and never leaves the yoga studio for the rest of his life!)

This is the phenomenon I was likening to the relentless pursuit of truth, especially about false flags and psychological operations. I have fallen into this trap already and I know many others who have also. We spend hours and hours–maybe days or years if your focus is something huge like 9/11–finding all the smoking guns (that’s the porn and it’s bottomless). Once that’s done we try to convince people how obvious it is, and failing that, we find each other and marvel at how many people still don’t know the truth.

On a deeper level–in search of a deeper truth–I am beginning to think this phenomenon may be part of the plan.

I recently read an article on Philosophy of Metrics called the Mystery of Truth: Information Power and Its Controlled Distribution.

Perhaps the intent all along has been to swamp the masses with so much information that it causes a sort of cultural shutdown and avoidance of truth.  Drowning out the sound of truth in the modern age would require something like the Internet to work alongside the mainstream media in order to ensure the masses never stumble upon what has been hidden right in front of them….The internet is meant to distribute mass misinformation and false narratives.

The article allowed many things to click into place for me that I had known at some level but could not organize in my mind. We have access to so much information including, no doubt, the actual truth, but we really have no way to know what is the truth, what is the whole truth and what is manipulative partial truth or all out disinformation. Yet we continue to pursue THE TRUTH, rally around it, champion it, shop it around…it occupies us, diverts us and binds us together against the common enemy: the powers that be.

The smoking guns are real and the powers that be clearly allow us to see them–they actually gave us the Internet through the Department of Defense rolling it out via public universities!

Perhaps this offers a clue to a passage I read in the Report from Iron Mountain and continue to struggle fully to understand. (For full context go to page 50 of the Report.)

It might be argued that a well-armed international police force, operating under the authority of such a supranational “court,” could well serve the function of external enemy.

The full title of the report is this: The Report from Iron Mountain: On the Possibility and Desirability of Peace and it was written in response to the advent of nuclear weapons which, perhaps paradoxically, made the threat of all out war implausible.

The question was posed to a team of 15 multi-disciplinary experts in their fields from history to science and everything in between, as to whether or not the social structure could be maintained as-is without the threat of war, and if so, would a substitute for war need to be found. They concluded, basically, that the social structure needs war or a very good substitute. The report mentions a few possibilities, but warns that only the loser ideas are presented in the report so the good ideas could still be tried under top secret conditions.

Is the international power elite behind the grand conspiracy both a real cabal and a bogeyman that serves as the common enemy that keeps the social structure, and therefore they themselves, in tact and in situ? It’s complicated, but it’s possible.

I hesitate to even coin the term “truth porn” because I would hate for it to be co-opted and used as a pejorative. Given that I respect it and, on my best days, contribute to it, I don’t want to curtail it in any way. But I am determined to crack the code on the Mystery of Truth as POM so aptly dubbed it, and identifying this phenomenon is definitely a piece of the puzzle.

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A secret, downright scary document about unthinkable, seemingly irrational end-game strategy regarding the thwarting of real world peace lacks much credibility with shady John Does and undefined agencies and players. Really? The “report” (see link, above) is poorly written with typographical and grammatical errors. Really? What a crock! World Peace is, nonetheless, a pipe-dream of the masses and the Military Industrial Complex is definitely here to stay- employing more than 25% of the working population in the U.S.- draining huge sums of tax revenues from the coffers of American Tax Payers that could arguably be more wisely spent. Whatever the seemingly irrational designs of the “elites”, they continue their agenda for decades and out of the eyes and reach and control of the common man.

A topic that I’ve struggled with for the last several months since renouncing my support for the Democratic party. Soooo much information available, it’s impossible (yes, impossible) to make any sense of it unless you’re behind the architecture of said information. A “Snowden” level event related to Internet information is most likely coming (I hope). Those with information have the power, and they won’t give it up willingly.

Hola Monica,
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Ademas yo soy rumano, residente en España, no se ingles.
Tengo un largo recorrido en el mundo de la RELIGION, ESOTERISMO Y LA GEOPOLITICA, BUSCANDO “LA PUTA” VERDAD, como veo que haces tu con toda la sinceridad del mundo queriendo saber ¿ CUAL ES LA VERDAD ?
En el mundo geopolitico encontré la verdad pero en el mundo exopolitico es dificilisimo…
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