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This is kind of a strange little detail…The “Prince Team,” the day before he was found dead, called a California doctor, Dr. Howard Kornfeld, who specialized in using buprenorphine (a methodone-like opioid addiction treatment) and asked him to come treat Prince. Dr. Kornfeld did not go himself but sent his son, “described as a pre-med student” (that would mean that he’s in college working on his undergrad degree) with some buprenorphine, supposedly with the intention of giving it to a licensed physician in Minnesota to administer…It was Dr. Kornfeld’s son who called 911 upon “finding Prince unresponsive.” From the article Prince, buprenorphine and addiction:

Andrew Kornfeld was carrying a small amount of the prescription drug buprenorphine. [Kornfeld’s lawyer, William] Mauzy said Andrew Kornfeld planned to give that drug to a Minnesota doctor who was scheduled to see Prince.

Andrew Kornfeld – described as a pre-med student – was among the first to discover Prince unresponsive on April 22.

Kornfeld needs a lawyer? Apparently, Andrew was taken into custody and told there was a criminal investigation underway. So what’s the real story? I wonder if Andrew gave Prince the medicine after all. If he wasn’t planning to do that, why did he bring it with him? It’s widely available in Minnesota, it simply must be administered by a physician licensed in Minnesota.

Dr. Kornfeld is described as a California addiction specialist, but given that his specialty is giving pain-med addicts a methadone-like drug in the privacy (and legal sanctuary) of his office, I wonder if he’s simply a Dr. Feelgood, making his money legitimizing pain-med addiction, perhaps in his discretion and responsiveness catering to the rich and famous.

In any case, there may be more to the story of Andrew Kornfeld showing up with dangerous drugs just in time to make the 911 call reporting Prince’s death.  Could be just the way things unfolded, could be more, but to me, the story doesn’t sound right.

Kornfeld claims to have arrived at 9:30am at Prince’s home in the suburbs of Minneapolis 20 minutes from the airport after taking a red-eye from San Francisco. That timing could work with Prince’s death and the 911 call close to 10am, but it doesn’t work with the flight schedules as far as I could tell. No red-eye I could find from San Francisco lands anywhere near that late in Minneapolis, nor would one expect it to given that it’s a less than 4 hour flight with a 2 hour time change–arriving even as late as 8am would mean a 2am departure, which doesn’t happen. The only red-eye I could find from SF to Minneapolis was Delta’s landing at 6:04am, which means Kornfeld would have arrived at Prince’s house closer to 7am than 10am. Enough time to give him his fix? If not, where did the missing hours go? Surely Kornfeld wasn’t dawdling after hopping on a redeye on a moments’ notice to tend to a desperate celebrity drug addict?

I have no interest in maligning Andrew Kornfeld, and I hope his story is true and there’s nothing seedier to it than already meets the eye, but I am sick and tired of the press getting away with reporting whatever they are told is the official narrative even when the stories themselves don’t hold together from the beginning of the articles to the end. Read the reports – no one points out that the story doesn’t make sense. WHY???

UPDATE (6/3/16): This guy gets a full page free ad on cnn.com? I wish he had addressed the missing hours…

Man who found Prince: ‘Nothing can prepare’ you



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Nice find – thank you! I guess I wasn’t the only one to find a parallel to Conrad Murray after all!

But the story is screwy, no? Two now-dead people years ago told their attorney (“talking to him in a social setting” according to this video–clearing the attorney of privilege concerns) that Prince was an addict? No one else noticed? h/t for JJ pointing out that everyone who knows an addict knows he is an addict! That is certainly true in my sadly robust experience.

Also, they are emphasizing Percocet in this video and today the news reported that “Percocet” was found in his toxicology report, which struck me as odd since Percocet is a brand name of a pill that combines oxycodone and acetaminophen–wouldn’t the toxicology report simply identify the substances? Does Percocet have it’s own signature different from taking oxy and a tylenol would?

I have no idea why this story is being spun this way, but there is some serious spin going on in my opinion. I have read theories that Prince spoke out against the NWO and might have been murdered, but when I saw him at the Grammys last year he played right into the Black Lives Matter PsyOp…

And one more thing! Halfway through this video they say Prince was dead when Kornfeld arrived but that would mean missing hours between Kornfeld’s flight landing and his arrival at the Prince home. I really am curious to know what really went on and why all the mystery….

A special AMEN to the closing paragraph of your commentary! If somehow we could start prosecuting, convicting, and punishing the media (from top to bottom), for clear and outright lies and intentional knowing ommision, that would be a huge step in regaining accountability. It would have to be carefully done, but somehow the press needs to be held accountable!

OMG! really? Are you reading what you are writing? What’s next, Hugh? Re-education camps in Siberia? This is, by far , the most ignorant thing I have ever read on this site. And that includes the crazy chem-trails nonsense. Free speech isn’t good enough for you and trump. We have to jail and/or fine those that disagree with you. Congratulations, Hugh, You just kicked Thomas Jefferson and all those other guys in the teeth. You deserve tyranny.
A man who actually cared about freedom once said that the only real cure for bad speech is more speech. If you aren’t satisfied with the effect your persuasion is having, do us all a favor and skip your appeal to government, do some studying, and be better at persuasion.

Bradrad’s rant aside, we already have insidious libel and slander laws that work against anyone too poor to survive the legal battles. As you can see, it has little affect on the quality of journalism. The only thing that is needed is real competition in the media industry which is where the Internet and blogs such as this come in. People who rely on the corporate media for their information have no one to blame but themselves. People who insist that we wait for the corporate media to feed us the facts before we start evaluating the reports and insisting on sensible stories should be treated with contempt.

So I went to Flightaware.com and looked at the closest local airport besides MSP that a smaller and/or private jet could land. That airport being Flying Cloud (KFCM is the airport code) It’s only 7 miles and 12 Minutes from the airport to Paisley Park. I couldn’t locate any plane that arrived at that airport that morning coming from California, let alone San Francisco. There was one that arrived that might have been in that time range, but it came from Houston. Now, that could have come from SF first, but no, it flew from Flying Cloud to Houston, and then back. It’s now too late to go back to before that morning without “registering” on the site, so luckily I was able to go back that far last night.

You think we will ever know the truth?

That’s so great that you could look that up! I think for sure he was on that Delta red eye landing at 6:04am which means his story doesn’t really clear him…looking at AJ’s video above, I think it might all come out in the end…

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