1. charles from duluth says:

    Thanks for making known to me,ANARCHAST.com.and Jeff Berwick.You say” Report From Iron Mountain”,gives you confidence ,that you represent no threat to to the ruling elite.Jeff pointed out that the internet has surpassed the traditional news outlets.A frog WILL jump out of a pot of water when it gets too hot.However, the analogy of the frog will stay in to death, if heat is turned up slowly,is a useful analogy. Monica,I pray God, whatever you conceive Him to be,will always be with you and your wisdom,may it spread. America is Great and will always be Great as long as organizations like WSB Radio continues to support freedom talkers like you,no matter what the heat maybe. Is there any truth, that the BBC announced in England the collapse of building number 7 at The World Trade Center, twenty minutes before it actually came down?

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