Mommy, Do You Love America?

I thought I would repost this in honor of the Fourth of July…
When my seven-year-old daughter asked me this question last night, I was gutted. Do I, the daughter of a Harley-riding, ultra-conservative, flag-fying World War II veteran, love America? I, who lives the American Dream? Granddaughter of orphan and immigrants; waitress and community college student-turned-Harvard and Stanford grad, do I love America? I have always been a patriot! I welled up with tears when I first heard that the most highly decorated regiment in the history of the United States armed forces was the 442nd Infantry Regiment in World War II–an all Japanese regiment, many of whose soldiers had family in internment camps. (I’m getting goose bumps right now!) I could weep with gratitude and respect for the many, many fine soldiers who died for America and what she stands for.
Or perhaps I should say, what she stood for. I’m afraid my patriotism has crossed the Rubicon. Until a few years ago, continue reading…

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  1. JTWilliams says:

    One could argue that patriotism is, by nature, a love for the state. For many Americans, history begins with FDR and WWII. Why do you think that the imagery and footage of US soldiers in WWII is broadcast constantly on many cable channels: Military channel, Pentagon Network, History Channel, etc? Because the “official narrative” of that war we are all taught becomes the starting point for the way many people relate to their government. Always through the rose colored glasses of the propagandists. Once the good guys, always the good guys? Only a fool would believe that. We know that: “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts, absolutely”.

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