This is very upsetting…less than a month ago a SWAT team in Stockbridge/Henry County responded to a domestic call and ended up shooting the suspect, Ryan Johnson. His family was upset and felt it didn’t need to end up that way ( This morning we read that David Powell, who, unlike Ryan Johnson, was a complete innocent who refused to disarm when the police wrongly entered his property, was shot by Stockbridge/Henry County police and has now died.

Could these just be examples of rogue cops using poor judgment or are police being trained to shoot first, ask questions later? Or was Powell wrong not to put his gun down upon seeing police?

Just like when I talk about public schools, I feel conflicted talking about police–there are teachers and cops in my family and among my friends the vast majority of whom I respect and admire, but I think there’s a problematic trend here in how public servants view and treat the public. I think it’s deliberate, from the top and accelerating. What do you think?

Powell wrong not to put his gun down upon seeing police. I’ve had numerous encounters with police. When you encounter police it’s not time to be an ass… it’s time to do as you’re told. They never know what to expect and they’re always on edge. It’s always best to do as you’re told and put them at ease. Any disagreements you might have with police can be discussed later with a judge, if it comes to that. You’re wasting your time arguing with police about your rights and the Constitution. If your rights and the Constitution were violated you can tell it to the judge in a nice quiet courtroom.

I agree with you, but it’s a tough situation. In some ways I believe that there is a shoot first mentality being trained to our police. With some help from the media going overboard on just about each and every police involved shooting, it’s bringing it to the forefront. And I feel it’s done intentionally. It’s all a part of the gun free agenda. In this latest situation, I guarantee we will hear over and over again that if the man didn’t have a handgun, to protect himself from wrong doers, he would be alive today. And we will hear that the officer felt his life was in danger. It’s a lock. I heard he saw someone walking past his window in the middle of the night, I’d get my gun too, no question. It also seems as if there is a conflicting story as to whether or not they announced themselves as police. This will go back and forth as well. My question is, why did the man go out to his driveway to investigate as I heard that’s where he was shot. And he didn’t see the police cars? Did they have there lights on? I assume they did. I still haven’t heard actually how far from the correct address did they go? Was it 911 operator error, or the officers error going to the wrong address?

This discussion brings up a very important point – we never seem to get all the details on these cases. They are deliberately left vague for whatever reason but the effect is, we cannot evaluate whether there’s a systemic problem we need to address through our representatives or if there is a problem with the individuals involved who simply need to be held accountable under current law.

Also, I immediately felt that this would be used to diminish the castle doctrine or discourage gun ownership for home protection.

It doesn’t matter what the circumstances were. The man was innocent, and on his own property. The idea that police were acting like they are supposed to and the wrong man being shot is impossible. Since when do we execute people based on what they might do? Police have been turned into dogs that kill without thinking. They insisted that the man disarm, and then shot him for a crime he MIGHT commit. Our constitution did not include today’s hideous idea that men should be shot for crimes they might commit, or even for crimes they are likely to commit. Until this madness stops, I hold every policeman with contempt, because even the “good” ones tolerate the injustice they crap onto people every day. If you are a cop, you are guilty till all this stops.

First and foremost my prayers go out to the family. They need our prayers and support, this man was someone’s son, brother, husband, father? I’m sure the police officer is not celebrating. This incident to me is a symptom of something much bigger. We as Americans are living in perilous times. Anyone out there that’s 40 and older should know what I’m talking about. Police resemble front line fleet Marines more than public servants. People are buying weapons like candy. Fear is the basis for this. Police want to return home to momma, and most civilians feel as if either ISIS or the federal government will be knocking on their door to either take their life, or take their weapons.We’re divided as a nation like never before. I’m only 53 and I remember as a teen growing up in Arizona gong to school where everyone was packing a sidearm. As long as that sidearm was holstered, or secured no one said anything. Now we kick kids out of school for cookies that resemble guns. I for one have usually had positive encounters with law enforcment. Like any community you will always have sour apples but for the most part I’ve always been ok with them, and I pack 24/7. We don’t know the details so I refuse to condem the police officer or blame the deceased man for bad judgement. I will say this because I worry about this nation. I served in Bosnia in the late 90’s and I learned the language which allowed me to dwell into the mechanics of their civil war. Remember This country had a high standard of living before their civil war. When Tito died life went on normally for a bit then without warning (the general population), people came up missing then neighbors began killing neighbor. It was a civil war based on old bad blood. Monica had a post a while back titled “Palmerstons Zoo”. Lord Palmerston is on record for making a ton of money getting civil wars started around the world. If this man could pull this off in the 1800’s, can you imagine what can be done today? I’ll stay in the race as long as you do.

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