My mother doesn’t follow me down the rabbit hole. She’s an 84 year-old libertarian who calls Ron Paul “my sweetie” and defended Joe McCarthy always, but she says she’s just too tired at this point to think very hard. She won’t follow my logic about what’s wrong with the official account of the Boston Marathon Bombing and she doesn’t understand why I think Edward Snowden is “fake” or why I would even care to wonder. So when she called me, distraught about the terrible fate of Miriam Carey and insisted, “Someone has to speak for that woman!” I decided to tell what I have learned of Miriam’s story on the air and to outline the whole horrible tale in writing in one place, just for the record. I don’t have any firsthand information on the case and other bloggers have pointed out the curious facts that undermine the official narrative, but here I offer Miriam’s story in its entirety as a small testament to this apparently lovely woman who will definitely not get justice. . . .

Miriam Carey was the 34 year-old single mother who drove with her one year-old daughter, Erica, 270 miles from her home in Stamford, Connecticut, to the White House and claimed Obama was trying to communicate with her. The official story has Miriam “ramming a barricade” at the first White House checkpoint then speeding off to ram another barricade outside the Capitol; then, after being pursued by law enforcement and crashing near a guardhouse, Miriam was shot by Capitol Police and the Secret Service. 12 bullets penetrated her body, ending her life and disfiguring her to such an extent that her family did not identify her remains except from photos. Luckily, Baby Erica was not hit by gunfire, nor was anyone in law enforcement.

The problem with this version of events offered by authorities and faithfully reported by the mainstream media is that none of the details stand up to scrutiny.

If you still have faith in the mainstream media, please read this tale, click through on all the links to evaluate the information yourself, then go back and see what was reported by Fox and CNN. You will see the true nature of these outlets as vehicles of persuasion not information.

Here is the information and disinformation in the Miriam Carey case, point by point:

MIRIAM TRIED TO GAIN ENTRANCE TO THE WHITE HOUSE BY RAMMING THE BARRICADE. As an eyewitness and the police report lay out, Miriam was trying to leave the White House gate and the Secret Service there were trying to detain her by quickly putting a bike rack in front of her car as she was attempting to exit. Miriam did not stop for the bike rack, drove through it and in so doing knocked over the Secret Service agent who was trying to put the barrier in front of her car. For some reason, Miriam did not want to be detained. Presumably that reason was fear – a fear that later events justified.

MIRIAM TRIED TO RAM A BARRIER TO GET INTO THE CAPITOL. As this Youtube video of the second event shows, Miriam was in no way trying to ram through the impenetrable iron posts cemented deep into the ground around the Capitol, rather she was driven toward them by law enforcement in pursuit. Faced with numerous officers crowding her car with guns drawn and pointed at her, Miriam was still trying to get away. Even staring down the barrels of their guns, Miriam Carey was not willing to surrender to authorities for some reason that will forever be known only to her.

Please also note when watching this video, that the police were surrounding her car. Under those circumstances, the officers were surely taking a thorough survey of the interior of the car: Is anyone in addition to the driver in the car? Are they adults? Children? Are they armed? These officers and agents would have seen for certain that Miriam was the only adult, that there were no weapons visible and that there was a small child in the backseat.

MIRIAM HAD MENTAL ISSUES. Miriam supposedly had post-partum depression following the birth of her daughter over a year ago. She got treatment for that. Also, she allegedly had a head injury in 2012, which she also is reported to have gotten treatment for. Friends and family describe her as stable and happy and significant evidence of mental illness has not been presented.

It seems that every single event the authorities and the media have wanted to spin over the past two years has involved someone acting without any apparent motive, a fact dismissed, time after time, with the refrain “mental issues:” James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Aaron Alexis, Dianne Reidy, Miriam Carey – even the unarmed and hobbled Ibragim Todashev, who apparently lunged at three armed FBI agents, can only be described as crazy to have done so. Given the ubiquity of the crazy excuse – it’s becoming as common as “government incompetence” to dismiss the unexplained — I’m putting it on the list of excuses I don’t buy. Even psychotropic drug use is not a good enough excuse anymore, in my opinion, if for no other reason than that people with mental issues – even ones on psychotropic drugs — still have thought processes and perceived motives whether based on fact or fantasy.

I’m reminded of the famous case of Charles Whitman who barricaded himself in University Tower at UT Austin and shot and killed people down below. He killed his wife and mother before the event with the reason of sparing them embarrassment over what he was about to do. In addition, Whitman left a request for authorities to do an autopsy on his brain after his inevitable death to see why he was acting like this. They did the autopsy and found a brain tumor. Even in Whitman’s madness, he knew there had to be a reason.

So too must there be a reason in Miriam’s case. WHY did she run from authorities? Even if she was delusional in thinking Obama was speaking to her, why was she afraid of the Secret Service? Why was she more afraid of surrendering to them than she was of running from armed men, guns drawn inches from her head? And even more important, why did the Secret Service try to detain her in the first place? I would consider chalking up Miriam’s fear of them to paranoia, but they did in fact gun her down soon after under very suspicious circumstances. Read on…

MIRIAM WAS GUNNED DOWN THOUGH UNARMED BECAUSE SHE WAS TRYING TO USE HER CAR AS A WEAPON. A very credible witness, Patty Bills from Faith and Action, who was in studio with Wolf Blitzer at CNN hours after the shooting, explained that she saw Miriam killed by authorities AFTER the baby was removed from the car. “As soon as the child was pulled from the car is when the gunfire really let loose,” Ms. Bills reports.

Miriam was driving a two-door Infiniti with the baby in the back seat. To grab the baby out of the car, authorities either had to go through one of the two doors or break a window. Given how thoroughly law enforcement had already been able to survey the situation and being in that close, there is no plausible explanation for why they would be faced with a small, unarmed woman, who they could work around to get her baby and then still have to kill her for their own protection. Clearly Miriam was no longer in control of the vehicle when they were rescuing the child, so the official story that the car was her weapon to the end is patently false. Furthermore, as the pictures below show, the car is not absolutely riddled with bullets as it would be if Miriam was still in it when she was so riddled with bullets that she was disfigured. As you can see, even some of the windows are still intact. This supports the view that Miriam was outside the car and totally unarmed when she was hit with the barrage of bullets.
Miriam infiniti front viewinfinitiback
Also note, during the press conference following the shooting, Washington DC Police Chief Lanier reported that both Capitol Police AND the Secret Service opened fire on Ms Carey. The Secret Service, whom Miriam obviously feared deeply, pursued her and killed her. This is a fact. Maybe they were justified; maybe they were trigger-happy; maybe one officer fired accidentally and the fire was contagious; maybe the agents were angry that Miriam had the nerve to knock one of them down; but no matter how you slice it, Miriam Carey was deeply afraid of the Secret Service and they did in fact kill her within minutes of her desperate attempt to flee them.

Unfortunately, there is no way to evaluate the actions of the Capitol Police in this case because the Capitol Police policy on the use of force is not public information. I must ask, how can that policy possibly be justified? Isn’t it necessary to public safety for people to know what actions may or may not get one killed by the police? The only reason I can think for the Capitol Police to keep this policy secret is to protect itself and its officers from having to answer for accusations of unjustified killing, such as those in the case of Miriam Carey.

Of course, the facts still being out on this didn’t stop Congress from giving the police a lengthy standing ovation for killing Carey.

MIRIAM’S APARTMENT, APARTMENT BUILDING AND NEIGHBORS “DECONTAMINATED.” Although there were no weapons or dangerous substances found in Miriam’s car or apartment, authorities in hazmat uniforms descended upon her apartment, removed whatever they wanted, and detained and decontaminated neighbors in her building. There has been no explanation for this approach to Miriam Carey’s apartment – an approach more extreme than anything reported to be used in investigating Aaron Alexis, the alleged Navy Yard shooter, who actually did have weapons, planned in advance and killed many.

A truly fascinating theory by blogger American Everyman about the Miriam Carey case offers a possible explanation for this action. He speculates that perhaps the baby was not an innocent bystander, but is the center of the story. Perhaps the decontamination was to destroy Baby Erica’s DNA. Subsequent events seem to support the theory that the baby is the center of the story, as you will find below. This theory would also explain why Miriam took the baby to DC in the first place. Miriam allegedly claimed that Obama was trying to communicate with her. Perhaps he or his agents were trying to communicate with her, either on Obama’s behalf or on behalf of someone close to him, especially if the paternity of the baby is at the heart of this story.
miriam careyMiriam-Carey-daughter1

THE BABY HAS BEEN RETURNED TO HER NATURAL FATHER. Baby Erica was taken by authorities and detained for over a week with only a single, highly controlled contact with Miriam’s mother and four sisters. The authorities then claimed that Eric Francis is the father of Erica and a judge has given sole custody to him. Since then, Mr. Francis has refused to communicate with Miriam’s family, and like the authorities before him, he refuses to allow her family contact with Erica, for no stated reason.

MIRIAM’S FAMILY LAWYER ARRESTED. In an attempt to fight Eric Frances for custody of the child, Miriam’s family hired a lawyer, Eric Sanders, who insisted, “This isn’t over yet.” Shortly after this statement, Mr. Sanders was arrested and arraigned in federal court for failure to pay $181,666 he owed in relation to a bankruptcy case. For every day he is in jail and fails to pay this amount, he will be charged $1,000. Assuming there is no way Mr. Sanders can come up with almost $200,000 in cash on the fly, especially with a record of bankruptcy, it appears that he will be in jail for a while with his debt growing day after day, perhaps year after year, trapped with no reasonable hope of release. (For example, if it takes Mr. Sanders a year to raise the $181,666, he will actually have to come up with over $500,000, and if it takes him another year to come up with that, it will cost him over $900,000 to get out of jail. It’s the inescapable trap that led this country to do away with debtors’ prisons.)

If you’ve heard my analogy of nailing a squirrel to the tree so the other squirrels know not to come into your yard, I would say Eric Sanders might be the squirrel nailed to the tree. Do you think the Carey’s will get another good lawyer anytime soon? I sure hope so, but I’m not holding my breath. Perhaps instead the Careys will be encouraged to take the path of the Kopechnes, who are widely believed to have taken a pay-off to let fade the story of their daughter’s tragic death.  Surely the cause of justice for the Careys’ girls, Miriam and Erica, is as hopeless a cause as the Kopechnes’ for Mary Jo. Or perhaps more to the point, the Mortenson’s for their Norma Jeane.

Update: Carey’s Death Ruled Homicide not Murder

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An outstanding evaluation of the tragic events surrounding her death and like Gloria mentioned, sometimes the proof lies in just how many completely ignore the story as if it never happened.

I apologize for the long email but, I need to address the fact that the facts and circumstances surrounding the shooting of Miriam Carey has not been vigorously challenged by the media and the general public. Now that we have the sworn affidavit filed in this case by the Metropolitan Police Department in federal court, we are more confident than ever that these police officers’ completely mishandled this simple “street encounter” and one or more of them should be criminally prosecuted for violating Miriam Carey’s civil rights.
First, basic common sense tells you that things should have been done differently. Quite frankly, any properly trained professional law enforcement person, such as myself (retired NYPD) will tell you that moving vehicles are not defined as “deadly weapons” under department Use of Force guidelines.
Quite frankly, just about every major police agency in the United States including the District of Columbia “strictly prohibits discharging service weapons towards moving vehicles” for a host of philosophical and safety reasons, unless the person operating the moving vehicle is using “deadly physical force by means other than a moving vehicle.” See, the onerous is on the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division, the United States Capitol Police or any other law enforcement agency to justify their use of force against Miriam Carey. If their legal argument is that they were protecting the United States Capitol, White House or any other “property”… Well, you know the result, their actions are not justified. Remember, the use of force guidelines value life over property.
Secondly, from a law enforcement point of view, the Miriam Carey case is not “complex” from a police science perspective to understand. Yes, there is a science to policing.
These law enforcement officials completely mishandled at best, a simple “suspicious vehicle” car stop, such car stops are handled professionally by law enforcement officials all over the world every day without incident including in other cities with so-called “high value targets.” Using the term “high value target” is nothing other than an emotionally charged red herring to distract the public from demanding relevant answers from government officials who obviously violated Miriam Carey’s civil rights under the guise of protecting society from “Terrorism.” I sarcastically call it the new civil rights Qualified Immunity defense.
To suggest that somehow in the District of Columbia there should a different legal standard, is intellectually disingenuous.
Thirdly, the Department of Homeland Security was established with the passage of Public Law 107-296 which in part, transferred the United States Secret Service from the Department of the Treasury, to the new department effective March 1, 2003.
Under the old guidelines, while part of the United States Treasury, the United States Secret Service discharge of their service weapons would NOT be justified… Read the old regulations.
As soon as I find some reference to the new guidelines, while part of the Department of Homeland Security, I am quite confident the result would be the same, NOT justified.
Finally, can someone tell me where in the sworn affidavit does the affiant say that Miriam hit a damn gate? Or the outlandish claims made throughout the different media outlets?
The sworn affidavit for a Search Warrant clearly says on Page 1 “A USSS-UD (meaning United States Secret Service Uniformed Division) officer attempted to block the vehicle with a bicycle rack, however, the vehicle pushed over the bicycle rack, knocking the officer to the ground.”
Note her actions occurred after she allegedly “refused to stop” at the vehicle checkpoint and made a U-turn and allegedly began to “flee.” There were no laws violated as she was under no legal obligation to enter the checkpoint, turning around and leaving is also not violative of any laws. The question is: Why did the police pursue her? Later during this investigation, I will reconcile each sworn fact with the surveillance video, other police records and Google Maps. On the surface, the sworn facts are internally inconsistent but, I will know more later.
Further, there is NO MENTION that Miriam Carey struck any officers either. It is time to stop believing everything these so-called “Government Officials” are telling you.
An innocent unarmed United States Citizen with a toddler was killed right in front of us in the Nation’s capital. Period… If we do not see a problem with that, we are in serious trouble.
We in this country deserve to be treated better than as “mere chattel,” where personal legacies are much more important than human life. The framers of the United States Constitution fought for, died for and demanded it. We should expect no different in today’s society either.
Eric Sanders, Esq., of The Sanders Firm, P.C.
Justice for #MiriamCarey

Where was Al Sharpton? Jesse Jackson? This was Ferguson in DC.
I read somewhere right after this happened (and cannot find the link now) that the dentist for whom she worked for was on the Secret Service list of ‘approved dentists’ for President Obola when he was visiting Connecticut and that he indeed visited this dentist while in Stamford…

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