MH17: MSM Rushes to Judgment: Podcast of July 19, 2014 Show

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This is a must watch press conference from eastern Ukraine about the stalling tactics of the west in beginning the flight MH17 investigation. This directly contradicts MSM propaganda reports.

As I said, there is some disgruntlement even in western Ukraine as men are conscripted to fight their countrymen in the east. Here is the mother of a conscript protesting in the west.

The US government (specifically, Department of State spokeswoman Jen Psaki) says west Ukraine’s aggression toward east Ukraine is justifiable based on Kiev’s right to maintain Ukraine’s “territorial integrity.” I would argue that “territorial integrity” is not a justification to prevent secession. In the US, for example, those who argue in favor of Lincoln’s right to force the south to remain in the Union almost always cite ending slavery not maintaining territorial integrity. In other words, it’s a humanitarian argument and not based on the Law of Nations which expressly allows for secessions such as Crimea’s and potentially east Ukraine’s.

On a side note, the west calls east Ukraine’s resistors “separatists” yet Russian press calls them “federalists.” There is definitely some linguistic spin in this…as my 8-year-old son tells me, “Separatists are the bad guys!” I asked him how he knew and he said he learned it from Star Wars. Ha! I’m not reading too much into it, just thought that was interesting. But it does actually matter if they are simply fighting for a confederation rather than a separation. My guess is that at this point there will never be a Ukrainian federation to include the east, but it might have been a reasonable compromise at one point.

Here is the document I referred to that explores the necessity of war to gain society’s consent to coercive government: Report from Iron Mountain

Here is something on Churchill and the Lusitania false flag which got the United States to join World War I for no valid defensive reason: False Flag at Sea.

And in case you don’t think western advisers would ever recommend a false flag to start a desired war, check this out from the esteemed Washington Institute for Near East Policy. In case you haven’t heard of this organization, here’s a line about it from Wikipedia: This Institute’s “research is timely and policy related, and its recommendations have been adopted by policymakers.

On the show a caller reminded me of the Iranian airliner flight 655 that was shot down by the USS Vincennes in 1988. I missed the reference but here’s the wiki entry: Iran Air Flight 655.

Here‘s the entry on Korean Air Lines Flight 007 that was shot down by the Soviets as a spy plane in 1983. You’ve probably heard of that one, but not of the Korean Airlines Flight 902 that was forced to land in 1978 by the Soviets, again suspecting Korean Airlines was using passenger planes on spy missions. Here‘s the wiki entry on that.

If you’re interested in my analysis of what happened to the first Malaysian Airlines flight to go down this year, check out: Cracking the Code on Malaysia Flight 370 for the podcast and The Ping is the Thing for the article.


  1. charles from duluth says:

    Listened to your show a second time through. All of your call ins have plausible pieces to the puzzle. The Ukrainian cargo/transport plane shot down by separatists,would have been low because it was landing in Luhansk, Ukraine. MH17 WAS CLOSE to same spot, about 30 miles west of Russian border. The big difference was altitude. MH17 flew the whole length,west to east over Ukrainian air space. Would not the Russian air defense systems have known this?If it were separatists, WOULD THEY NOT KNOW, by simply looking up, how high and close the plane was to being over Russia? I do not believe it could have been confused for a transport/cargo plane. Military people or air traffic control people please reply,thanks. To me, it now appears to be a false flag.

  2. Remus Reeve says:

    Monica, you should upload your shows to youtube too.

    If you cannot be bothered to upload the files manually, get a programmer from to implement a script to automatically download them from your website and upload them to youtube with a static background image for the video. Would be an easy way to grow your audience. Molyneux does it too.

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