Wonder if Hillary’s client’s victim was treated at this hospital.

I recently heard a podcast (I can’t remember which one!!) in which someone described Hillary Clinton and many others as “lifetime actors.” It took me a bit to understand fully what was meant, but I think I really got it the last time I listened to the youtube video below of Hillary audio captured long, long ago in which she chuckles about successfully defending someone she was convinced was guilty of brutally raping a 12 year old girl. I listened to it numerous times in an effort to read it any other way than what it was–aloof and cynical–but what strikes me now as significant is the fact that this Illinoisan was speaking with a clear Arkansas accent which she has since discarded. I have lived in many places and I know you soften up your homegrown way of speaking (you’d never know I’m from New York, would you??? LOL!), but she is really living this role of Southern Bell. I believe she and the rest of her stagemates in this production of The Election: A Reality Show, are all lifetime actors: people whose lives themselves are just one big act.

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Lifetime actor …… Good polititions are actors. They need you to believe what THEY want YOU to believe. Why do you think Ronald Reagan was such a likable fella ….. Socrates had the aligory of the cave to explain this. The government puts on a stage show to get its serfs doing what it wants them to do. Look at how people “grade” the performances of debates. Great news everyone !!!! Tomorrow is Monica day !!!!! 😀

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