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Great show, though short! Though I am partial to many of the libertarian principles, perhaps most, I do have my areas of divergence. It was thus good to see you spar a bit with the Libertarian candidate who called in, as he didn’t completely tow the ‘party’ line (I’m not commenting here on who I agree with re which particular issue discussed). Here’s a trivial question: What TRUMPS: an attorney with a CPA, or an attorney with a CFA?

But more seriously, a given fact or matter, can be potentially explained with different reasoning for such. Yes, Trump did have extensive media coverage (though Hannity explains Cruz had more, at least as far as his venues). But what was the deal? Your explanation fits, certainly. But as another explanation, could Trump have been encouraged to join the fray, to juice the ad revenues and amuse and engage the voters, with an anticipated Trump implosion or withdrawal at some point? But could Trump be a closet Patriot (I’m thinking he is!) and he played the game as requested, but then kept on rolling as the Americans immediately took to his message? He has played the system, so far, to build quite a balance sheet! I’m still betting my explanation is closer to the truth. My two cents.

Bottom line is, I think we live in a more highly controlled society than you do. That’s why you’re giving him the benefit of the doubt as an independent actor – I don’t think that’s possible anymore.

You very well might be right, your point is very well taken!! But we are all mortals here, (until the robots take full root), and specially unique and courageous individuals have surfaced, albeit rarely, throughout human history, to change the course of world events. Perhaps it’s desperate hope, and faith, that I hold my view. Time will tell.

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