Letting Go of the Two-Party Psy-Op: Podcast of February 22 Show

Here is the article I wrote about the REAL plan of the Republican Party… Neo-Conservatism: The Autobiography of an Idea

A caller recommended we learn more about Ben Johnson but actually he meant Ben Carson – here’s an article on Ben Carson!
What Does Ben Carson Prescribe for America?
And here is Dr. Carson lauded speech at the national prayer breakfast…

The Iron Law of Oligarchy, which I mentioned, defined.

Perhaps I can’t give up on the two-party psy-op because I recognize the likelihood of an Overton Window – that is, there is a defined window of political acceptable ideas at any given time and nothing happens outside that window. (It’s still worth exchanging ideas and exploring political theory, though, because those are the things that move the Overton Window.)

Federal spending “flattening” at over $3.5 trillion is nothing to brag about, but neither is Bush’s unprecedented run-up of the same…
MW-AR657_federa_20120521151828_MEBoth parties run up spending…
total govt spending 1960 - 2013


Here are the clips I used on the show which demonstrate the Republican Establishment going after the grassroots Republican Ted Cruz as he fights the good fight against Obamacare:

Here is the interview of Dr Kengor that one of the last callers recommended…

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