Justice for Ibragim: Interview with Wife of FBI-Slain Man

I had the privilege to interview Reni Manukyan,  the wife of Ibragim Todashev, the man who was slain while being interviewed by the FBI on May 22, 2013.  Unarmed, Ibragim was shot six times in the body and once in the crown of the head.  His wife and family want an investigation and the autopsy report…will they get even that?
Here is some background on the Ibragim Todashev story: Ibragim Todashev & Other Fishy Tales; see also Ibragim Todashev’s Friend Explains What Happened (video).
Here is the interview:

Reni asks that anyone interested in helping her get justice for Ibragim demand an investigation into his death.  She suggests contacting the Department of Justice, the ACLU, Florida State Attorney Jeff Ashton or the Florida chapter of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.


  1. barbh1 says:

    About the “naked guy”, I, too, was 100% convinced it was Tamerlan, until I saw a longer video that showed the guy from the side of his face. It does not look like Tamerlan, and, he is somewhat shorter than one of the cops escorting him to the car, whereas, Tamerlan was said to be about 6’2″, Mostly, though, it’s the face. I think it’s funny the naked guy looked so much like Tamerlan’s body, but I guess it’s possible the guy was just buff like Tamerlan. I think the naked guy was just out that night and got picked up as a possible suspect, and put in up against a wall for a witness ID. Was the “witness” Danny? There’s another guy with a lot of baggage to unpack. Thanks for the great interview, you got a lot on info in a short time.

    1. Monica Perez ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      You would not believe how many hours I spent looking frame by frame at that video and comparing it with every single picture I could find of Tamerlan – I noticed the face looked different at certain angles but bridged the gap as I examined the many images of Tamerlan that are available from different angles and in different light. There is no doubt in my mind this is Tamerlan – zero.
      The height thing never convinced me either – to dismiss this on that technicality I would need a real scientific analysis, which is not going to happen.
      Although I wouldn’t take the word of his friends and family just on their face, after my own assessment of the images and evaluating their credibility overall (including Reni Manukyan), I think their insistence that it is him does bear weight.
      As for Ibragim in the parking lot – I did think it was just as you described, though I wasn’t familiar with that use of the term “legacy” – excellent, thank you. I was surprised to find how little of that behind the scenes stuff his wife speculated on. She was so straight-forward and simply wants a real investigation. Think she’ll get one?

  2. barbh1 says:

    There is a police report on the parking lot incident. The policeman stated that Ibragim kept trying to explain why he hit the guy. He said the guy came at him swinging and he was trying to protect his knee. He had major surgery on his knee in March, and the incident was in early May. He was either on crutches, or had just quit using them, but was still limping. I thin the FBI, or someone was setting up a “legend” for Ibragim. But, whether Ibragim was a good guy or a bad guy, there is something obviously terribly wrong about what was done to him, and even the authorities admit it it was connected to Tamerlan. And now, they’re both dead.

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