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Presidential Campaign
I gave up awhile ago on the notion that Democrats vs. Republicans was a battle between social democracy on one side and free market capitalism on the other. Having witnessed the great compromise in which both parties have come together in a Liberal-Fascist Center, I realize that yes, there is a battle between the two parties, but it is one over turf rather than ideology. It reminds me more of the Genoveses vs. the Gambinos than a representative government.
This total acceptance that the politicians are like mobsters and us voters are schlubs there for the shakedown makes it almost impossible for me to even listen to politicians’ BS stump speeches anymore, but I couldn’t resist tuning in to the latest Joe Biden Show. I played the audio Saturday night, but here you can see the fire in his eyes (must have taken a lot of practicing in the mirror to get “resentment” just right.)
Can you believe this guy? He’s telling middle class Ohoians he understands them by telling them he wants them to buy a house and go to college. Sorry, Uncle Joe, they fell for that one already! Now their houses are underwater and their grown kids are back at home. The American Dream is NOT a mortgage and a school loan!
The real Joe Biden said this recently at a Democratic fundraiser where he was sucking up to former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley: ”I never had an interest in being a mayor ’cause that’s a real job. You have to produce. That’s why I was able to be a senator for 36 years.” It’s funny ’cause it’s true! Biden was elected senator at the age of 29 and never looked back!
But seriously, all these guys pretend they are middle class–even Mitt Romney! That one cracked me up! Obama’s background is a little more subtle, though. He may not have grown up with money (I don’t know), but he did go to an elite high school in Hawaii and in my opinion that’s where it all happens. I transferred from community college to Harvard but when I got there I realized the other kids were waaay ahead of me–they’d been plotting their futures since birth it seemed! That’s when I began to realize it was far more important where you went to high school than where you went to college if you really wanted to get into the upper echelon. (This view is supported by the marvelous insights of John Taylor Gatto–a must for those interested in education.)
In addition to Obama’s great high school, he was already an insider by virtue of his mother’s history. Stanley Ann Sutoro, Obama’s mother, worked for Tim Geithner’s father at a microbank within the Ford Foundation in Indonesia. Dig into that one if you dare.  In addition to reading some scary stuff about this specific operation in Indonesia, I have also read all sorts of scary things about US tax-exempt foundations in general, including that up to half of their international grant money is funded by the CIA! That does tend toward the conspiranoid but that doesn’t mean it’s not true!
Too-Big-To-Fail Thanks to Uncle Sam!
I recently wrote a blogpost on the trading loss suffered by JPMorgan and the reactionary cries for more government regulation that inevitably came out of the announcement.
Expanding on this on the show, I made what I believe to be a clear and convincing argument that government regulations are to blame for banks being too-big-to-fail for three reasons: regulatory compliance burdens create huge barriers to entry in many industries including banking that result in smaller companies being squeezed out; moral hazards in the form of bailouts change the risk-reward assessment conducted by bankers and shareholders alike, leading to more risk in the system than would otherwise exist; and FDIC depositors’ insurance makes depositors and bankers totally immune to the impact of the riskiness of bank investments on the likelihood of repaying depositors. Check out the blogpost and the May 19 show archives for the full argument.
Operation Fast & Furious Update
House Speaker John Boehner did it again! Congressman Darryl Issa drafted a contempt citation against Attorney General Eric Holder for stonewalling the investigation into Operation Fast & Furious and John Boehner wouldn’t bring it to a vote, instead writing a pretty-please letter to Holder and scaling back the request for documents. Boehner should be impeached.
The Police State Cometh
I mentioned two recent incidents of the police state going too far: three arrested for “terrorism” before the NATO meeting and a woman in Long Island arrested for taking a picture of a helicopter on a public road outside an airport. The jury is still out (so to speak) on the “NATO 3,” but I no longer give the benefit of the doubt to the government on stuff like this, probably because of stories like the one about the Long Island woman which really is frightening and should serve as a warning to us all. I’m afraid this will all get way worse before it gets any better.
On this topic, caller Helen suggested we check out G. Edward Griffin’s Freedom Force International website for some compelling insight. I have heard Griffin recommended before, so I look forward to checking this site out.
I hope you enjoyed the show! If you missed it, check out show archives on
Liberty Jam for Ron Paul: Saturday, May 26, 12pm-6pm, Matilda’s in Alpharetta. I will be there from 1pm-2pm and would love to meet some listeners, so I hope you can come!
This is a fundraising event for Ron Paulstock in August which will kick off Ron Paul’s delegates’ journey to the GOP convention. A $25 admittance fee will get you a ticket to both Liberty Jam and Ron Paulstock. The event has great speakers and great bands and is supposed to be a lot of fun–I’m really looking forward to it!
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