In my first show of the year, I came up with some bold predictions and some not-so-bold predictions. I didn’t get through every last word of them on the air, so I decided to pare down my notes and post them for easy access. (Yes, this is pared down!) Given my number one prediction: “Trump crashes, Cruz rises, JEB steals super Tuesday,” I was particularly motivated to post my list when I saw today’s Wall Street Journal headline “Cruz Vaults Past Trump in Iowa.” Could be Trump is on his way to crashing, and Cruz is obviously rising, but will JEB steal Super Tuesday? That brings up a question I hadn’t thought of a month ago…

Does Super Tuesday even matter anymore? The rules changes in the Republican primary process means that all primaries and caucuses before March 15 (except South Carolina) will award delegates proportionally to their vote percentages, so this could be a neck-and-neck–and-neck! race for another month or so. Even New Hampshire might not be a must-win-or-place contest as it once was. From what I can tell, no one–Democrat or Republican–has ever been nominated who hasn’t won first or second in New Hampshire, but I think if JEB takes third place (or even fourth!) he might break that rule. (Perhaps I should modify my “JEB steals super Tuesday” to “JEB surprises in New Hampshire”–not as much pizzazz, but let’s just say, JEB’s trajectory is about to change–that is, if I’m at all correct in my extremely cynical suspicion that this is all a bit manipulated…)

Top Ten Predictions for 2016

  1. BIG Election Surprise
    1. BOLD prediction…Trump crashes, Cruz rises, JEB steals super Tuesday

  1. The gambit has always been to make JEB look like the only sane one as I surmised in July 2015 when Trump first started to dominate the mainstream media for no apparent reason
  • February Surprise takes Trump out
    1. Trump gets a reality show or something out of this, but not the nomination
    2. Avalanche of big money to JEB
    3. Big money continues to flow to Cruz who will have to throw his delegates to JEB as his birth issue threatens to disrupt the Republican nominating process
      1. The Cruz birther issue began to role out week one--Trump scooped me! (My show anyway–I’d been tweeting about this and much of the other stuff for weeks or months already.)
  • October Surprise to ensure JEB victory
    1. Not sure this is necessary—I think JEB could beat Hillary straight up
    2. False flag or Clinton sex/corruption scandal? Hillary takes a fall to avoid jail time/exposure?
    3. Big upset? Hillary has so much dirt on people they have to give it to her!
  • Secret service failures continue–there’s something more to this story…
  • Economy Goes South
    1. This is one of my top ten predictions for 2016 that started to unfold the first week of the year
    2. OBAMA BUCKET LIST ITEM: TPP gets passed in summertime or in lame duck session after election
    3. TTIP moves forward
  • Escalation of War in Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc. (This is more like 20 different predictions, but whatever…)
    1. OBAMA BUCKET LIST ITEM: Assad’s head
      1. Obama will start just what he said he wouldn’t: big ground war
      2. Mercenaries will be used
    2. Arch-Neo-Con Ash Carter remains SECDEF under new president
    3. Congress will pass new Authorization to Use Force
      1. Ushering in an era of war without limits in space and time
    4. De facto recognition of “The Caliphate” (you’ll hear that expression more and more) to redefine Syrian and Iraqi territory and claim we are not violating the sovereignty of those nations
    5. France, Germany, UK continue to escalate Syrian conflict
      1. Migrants, terrorism, anti-Russian sentiment will continue to unite EU
    6. Success will be worse than failure in Syria
      1. terrorism will spread like wildfire there as it has in Iraq, Libya, etc.
    7. Egypt’s El Sisi will emerge as “good Muslim leader” and star ally (longer term?)
    8. Syrian refugees will be blamed for terrorism to justify intervention
      1. This is one of my top ten predictions for 2016 that started to unfold the first week of the year as if on cue
        1. New Year’s Eve rapes in Cologne
    9. “Clash of Civilizations” will emerge as a theme
      1. Muslims will be emphasized as victimized minority, especially if Republican president
    10. Calls to break up Iraq into 3 pieces
      1. Syria, Afghanistan, Libya also on chopping block?
    11. “Nation-building” in Libya
    12. More intervention in Yemen
    13. Erdogan continues as rogue actor
      1. demonized by media & govts east & west
  • Continued progress toward world govt, maybe by way of World War III
    1. Ukraine/NATO, Syria/ISIS continue to be flashpoints
    2. Azerbaijan begins to make news (longer term?)
    3. US & allies continue to do stupid things justifying rest of world’s call for world govt
    4. Economic decline in the West will continue to facilitate convergence of East and West
    5. OBAMA’S BUCKET LIST: move Africom to Africa?
  • Surveillance State
    1. Anti-encryption will make headway
    2. Anti-terrorism will take anti-piracy’s place in pushing for censorship law
      1. censorship of the press disguised as anti-terrorism
    3. Gun control and other executive orders continue to focus on surveillance
      1. “precision medicine” and migration leading to biometric data collection
      2. All TVs will have cameras in them
      3. Street lamps will have microphones
  • Police State, continuing civil unrest & racial conflict–Continue to frame police state over-reach in racial terms so solution demanded will be more govt, more central control, not less
    1. Body cameras (“NO SURVEILLANCE NO JUSTICE!”)
    2. Drones will explode onto the scene (by 2020)
      1. Heavily regulated for individuals, not govt
    3. Federal guidelines for police
      1. Regularizing procedures ensures “interoperability
      2. Strong Cities UN project to stop violent extremism in US cities…institute worldwide best practices
      1. Pulling back on effective policing in inner cities / increasing gun control will increase crime or the perception of crime and create demands for more aggressive policing
    5. Precrime? (longer term)
      1. “social media threat assessment”
      2. push to access social media in wake of san Bernardino
    6. More failures in surveillance, policing, more attacks, more justification for more of the same!
    7. Events & narratives will increase fear of refugees, immigrants, Muslims & American minorities to encourage the US political right to abandon objective rights such as those enshrined in the Bill of Rights
      1. Anti-war left reactivated…
        1. Will Truther talk reemerge if a Republican is in the WH?
    1. Operation Common Sense continues
      1. More mass shootings
      2. More calls for surveillance
      3. More gun control
      4. No-gun lists disguised as No Fly Lists
  • Crack down on the press? Shutting down sites that “promote terrorism” but could just be alternative viewpoints about the endless war
    1. maybe that’s the real reason for travel restrictions from conflict countries
  • Immigration – OBAMA BUCKET LIST ITEM?
    1. Maybe get an amnesty deal done w/ lame duck session after elections?
    2. Defo more smoke and mirrors, like the wall between US & Mexico…
  • Heroin getting free advertising like Mario Cuomo gave crack
    1. “Heroin epidemic” will emerge in the news more and more as the year goes on
      1. Already started week 1

    Longer term predictions….

    1. GUBER…Uber takes over city after city, diminishing individual car ownership, then labor laws will make drivers too expensive…driverless uber emerges and the independent American is a thing of the past
    2. Minimum wage will transform waiting tables, rob blue-collar men and women of high incomes
    3. Pope Francis continues to validate psyops and support power elite narratives
    4. Caitlyn Jenner quietly reverts to bruce?? Never gets a sex change operation
    5. Climate change agreement designed to fail, justifying calls for world govt
    6. Drones will increasingly be seen everywhere
    7. Obamacare fees will skyrocket…

    (The time stamp on my original document reads “Created on 12/28/15 3:59 PM”–it’s not proof because these things can be altered, but it is when I first put this list together. )

    UPDATE: One more thing…on the air January 9, 2016, I mentioned that X22 Dave rightly predicted in 2015 after Obama’s post-San Bernardino shooting speech that 2016 would be the year of the lone wolf…I think he’s right, you’ll hear that expression all year long. (IMO, 2015 was the right-wing nutjob from the Louisiana movie shooting to the planned Parenthood shooting to the Charleston Confederate Flag-toting shooter, etc.)


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