1. Anonymous says:

    Of course it is stupid to bring Ebola patients here! Does no one recall the evil Europeans who broke down natures boundary (the Atlantic Ocean) and brought small pox to this hemisphere, devastating the indigenous inhabitants? Send resources over there, or nearby like a hospital ship off shore from the affected areas. Here’s some conspiracy seeds for you…could it be that the powers that be are bringing these 2 European-American healthcare workers in now, hoping it goes through with little or no pushback so that next month we’ll see groups of patients indigenous to the affected countries being brought over for treatment. If anyone dares to be critical of that, the racist accusations will be launched faster than you can imagine. Craaazy…toys in the attic, this is crazy!

  2. palepadre says:

    I have no problem and not because I am far away in Acworth Georgia. But because I associated with Doctors and Nurses for 16 years in the Georgia Army National Guard. A MASH unit and also Georgia National Guard Medical Command. They are as human as anybody else and the last thing they want to get is Ebola. I am sure the team that will be taking care of these two patients at Emory know they are in the spotlight. And part of being a Dr. or Nurse is being able to realize that when a patient “Crashes” that all you can do is make them as comfortable as possible and wait for the and inevitable. Heroic’s are for fictional medical situations in books, television and movies.

    1. Anonymous says:

      All that may be so but has anyone stopped to think that these two Americans being purposely brought for treatment here took the same type of precautions that their caretakers at Emory will take yet still contacted the highly contagious virus? I saw a short clip showing how well they protect
      their bodies before contacting Ebola patients in Africa yet these two still got the disease. If this happened to them how can anyone guarantee that the same thing wont happen to others?

  3. William Reuter says:

    Actually, it is glaring proof that COMMON SENSE is completely missing in any entity that is funded or controlled by the current government administration…..

  4. Jennifer Barket says:

    I forget where I read it, but the statement was, “The World Health Organization has not been able to control this virus.” So, I am just wondering, why move people around who have it?

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