In Memory of Robert Saylor….

Does anyone remember Robert Saylor? I do. I reported his death on the air over a year ago. I still choke up when I think of him because I have a stubborn son with Down syndrome who is sometimes hard to redirect.

Robert Saylor didn’t want to leave a movie theater & when the cops were called he was put face down on the ground and died of positional asphyxia. The officers were never indicted and I don’t know that they should have been, yet Robert Saylor’s death was a tragedy and no one seemed to care. Did it change policy? Did it bring positional asphyxiation into public consciousness? Apparently not. I’ll have more to say about this case and the Eric Garner case on tomorrow’s show.

Robert Saylor’s Death Ruled A Homicide: Man With Down Syndrome Died In Police Custody


  1. Tony Little says:

    Yes I do remember you mentioning his death. I don’t want to comment any more lest I get ugly. Monica stay on point! We’re at war here.
    I’ll stay in the race as long as you do.

  2. palepadre says:

    So much of this seems to be caused by police being in a hurry. I was surprised what the Mayor of New York had to say about his own police officers, since they guard him and his son I believe. Do we now need a new medic alert bracelet? That indicates trouble breathing when out of the normal body position and has asthma and is diabetic and is obese. Even trained medical personnel cannot diagnose some physical irregularities that people have.

  3. Yes Monica I do remember that plus many others that have been gunned down and/or killed in some fashion by police brutality and politicians brutalities of law..please see the latest anonymous video..they are beginning to take actionagainst these criminals who have gone too far and we as citizens want justice

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