I’ll be on an AFF panel at Hudson Grille on April 26 – You’re Invited!


America‚Äôs Future Foundation Atlanta together with National Review Institute are hosting a book forum to discuss Charles Cooke‘s Conservatarian Manifesto…Can libertarians and conservatives truly join forces or are they just too far apart on the fundamentals?

I’ll be on the panel representing the libertarian position with Mr. Cooke making the case for “conservatarians” and local political activist and radio host Greg Williams representing conservatism.

Please join us on April 26 at the Hudson Grille Midtown Atlanta (942 Peachtree Street) for a beer & wine reception at 6:30 followed by the discussion at 7:30.

All are welcome and admission is free, but spots might fill up, so please register here.

For more information about the event and the other panelists, click here.

For more on America’s Future Foundation, click here.


  1. Steve Beck says:

    My biggest question is whether the Republican party is willing to get back to their core beliefs, Less govt. & regulation, and more personal responsibility. Currently both parties are “wings of the same bird” pushing the Socialist agenda in all of Western Civilization, putting our core beliefs in danger as a society. I am a Liberation for this exact reason….

  2. bradrad says:

    I think that many conservatives believe they love freedom, until they are asked to respect someone else’s freedom, then they get all huffy, wrap themselves in their red, white and blue blanky and then petition government to use force against people they don’t even know.

    1. hugh says:

      Your comment does make sense knowing you are a “Citizen of the World” (per your admittance in another post), and hence not effectively a real American, or a supporter of the “sovereign nation” world model. I would imagine your philosophy is rather uncommon, but that’s OK, what ever floats your boat.

      1. Bradrad says:

        If you are indeed open to facts, try googling “economists and immigration.” It may surprise you what people who study the economy for a living say about immigration.

        1. hugh says:

          Sorry Brad,
          I actually didn’t waste my time looking as I know where most economists shakeout. I have studied this issue closely for 30 years! But I will post an archive index link below of an economist for those readers of Monica’s blog who have an interest in learning truth. Certainly you will undoubtedly ignore the articles as they totally blast apart your many misunderstandings.


          1. Bradrad says:

            I watched his videos. I also noticed that you had no answers for my questions. Perhaps you could ask questions, if you prefer not to address mine? I’ll make a genuine effort to be honest. You say that I’m leftist, but I’m not sure what you mean by that, seeing as I disagree with democrats, socialists and communists on everything I can think of. Socialist paradises were the first to close their borders, weren’t they?

          2. hugh says:

            If you want to know what Rubenstein’s conclusions are, read directly what he says, don’t have someone else paraphrase. Always go to the source! I provided you the link! And your leftist mantra tripe does carry no weight with me. Hopefully the other readers of this blog will see where you come from (if they don’t already know).

          3. Bradrad says:

            Does this Edwin S. Rubenstein fellow say that immigrants are a net loss on the economy, or does he admit that the economy enjoys a net gain from it? Also, do you side with the whole idea of the Population Bomb and White Nationalism like his other associates do? Do you believe that immigrants move to the USA because there is no demand here for their labor? Are you aware that when illegal immigrants are rounded up and shipped out, that American workers do not rush in to fill the gap, resulting in a huge loss of production in the areas of farming and construction, where profit margins are small and fragile? Are you studied enough to know that a loss of production leads to higher prices for goods, which, in turn leads to a lower standard of living for precisely the same people you desire to protect? You can make claims about whatever you like, but basic economic truths will not change for you. More production makes for more wealth, and an abundance of labor makes for more production. That’s where the net gain happens because of immigration, and all the studies show that it outweighs all of the negatives you fear.
            So is it because they’re brown and don’t speak English well? Confession is good for the soul, Hugh.

          4. hugh says:

            It’s not a “Trump” website. They do not endorse candidates due to their tax status and you do not have to register to view the site. They have some kind of publication re Trump that they are currently selling, along with other materials…just click to close that window. The site is operated by a former National Review senior editor, Peter Brimelow, who was fired after writing the book, “Alien Nation”. National Review is where the organizer of Monica’s upcoming discussion hails from, hence my very valid concern it will be a Neo-con / Libertarian love fest to malign any attempts to maintain our nation via border control. The Economist I linked to is honest about the impact of open borders, H1b visa impacts on American jobs.

          5. Bradrad says:

            I clicked on your link, but it went to some kind of trump website. Are you saying that you know of an economist that claims immigration creates a net loss in the US economy? I’d like to see it, but I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to register as a Trump supporter to do so.

        2. hugh says:

          What’s the weather like on your planet today? Here on planet Earth, more specifically Atlanta, it will be a 10 on the Mellish Meter, a beautiful day. I guess you are not aware that economists, should they wish to be gainfully employed, were brainwashed in college, and/or spout the PC conventions. They would not represent a meaningful cross section of educated folks.

          1. bradrad says:

            Isn’t it shocking that you couldn’t find a any economists that will claim that immigration is bad for the economy? Are all economists, who unlike you have actually spent a large portion of their adult lives studying economic matters, brainwashed? In climate science, there are some notable defectors. In biology, there are some very convincing arguments being levied against the hard-line Darwinian evolution. On the subject of abortion, there are scientists, philosophers and medical doctors that disagree very prominently on the issues of life and rights and property. In college there’s a politically correct answer to all of those, yet the defectors weren’t brainwashed enough to hold to what they were supposed to believe.
            What makes you think that an entire discipline can be brainwashed like this? Please tell me how I can learn to do this, so that I can rule the world.
            Truth is, your economic knowledge is wrong, and your bias makes you blind.

      2. Bradrad says:

        I’d say that more people hold my view than hold yours, only informally. Think of all the trash that you despise, who go where they want, and do what they want, regardless of your rules. Also, if you count those who only respect “sovereign nations” because they fear your soldiers and policemen, I would say that I’m in the clear majority. If being a “Real American” means that I can’t give a desperately poor man from across the border a job without Hugh’s permission, then I’m glad I am not like you.

        1. hugh says:

          See my comment below before you read this one. But here on planet Earth, the honest polls show my views on this issue are in the clear majority, and have been so for many years. P.s. Don’t forget to leave the doors and windows of your car and home unlocked so those in need can take respite. That would be consistent with your world view from what ever planet it is that you live on.

          1. bradrad says:

            it would be dishonest to ignore the difference between my property and property supposedly owned by all of us citizens, wouldn’t it, Hugh? Do you see any difference between my property and supposedly communally property? If this difference is real, then your example is not very good. Are you honest enough to admit this difference, or must truth be sacrificed on the altar of your god, the state?

  3. hugh says:

    I look forward to this event! But I do wonder if true conservatism (read Paleo conservatism) will be represented, or will it actually be war mongering and pro amnesty Neo Conservatism?

  4. bradrad says:

    I think this would be worth seeing. I’m not optimistic about conservatives becoming more libertarian, but I relish the idea of Anarchists making conservatives uncomfortable. lol.

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