1. hugh says:

    You have nailed it, as our government’s policy is effectively open borders, regardless of what they say to us. I used to live in southern California. In 1994 I collected petition signatures, door to door, to support California Propisition 187, which denied all but emergency medical benefits to illegal aliens. It passed, but was neutered by the government via the courts, governor, etc.
    And I have a long time friend who has an Arizona ranch on the Mexican border. When I last visited him, the government did build a proper fence at his property’s line as the cartels were coming over nightly and he was givig too much publicity to the issue. His property is now somewhat peaceful, but the problem just moved some miles where the fence doesn’t exist.
    Technology to stop the invasion of our nation, other than a fence, is available, but our government is not interested, as you point out so well. They have other plans for us! Here’s my friend’s website that provides information on this matter: As Pat Buchanan has recently stated in a column, “Immigration” is the issue of the century. Pat is dead on. Our nation’s survival is at stake…and now!! And as an aside, this issue would not be front and center were it not for Donald Trump!!

  2. Tony says:

    You have the gift of allowing nothing to escape, a couple of thoughts here as I grew up in southern Az.
    1. Walls work both ways.
    2. The dynamics that draw people into this country is never discussed in great detail. Hint…If Mexico has the power and influence to prevent their Representative from attending a beauty pad-gent in the old USA, then I suspect there’s more to this flood of people coming into this country.
    3. The drug issue has always been around, I remember working at a grocery store in Tucson while in high school, and like clock work every Thursday night the drug cartels would caravan into town and buy every condom on the shelf. They would pay with cash and smile to the police on the way out of the store. Any DEA agent or police officer will tell you the condoms were not designated for prom night. Google “Poncho Villa” and you will find that raiding southern border towns was an issue then as it is today. That is why Arizona’s gun laws were so unique for years before the big anti-gun movement started. While attending grade school in the 60’s and 70’s it was common to see people (staff) packing side arms.
    4 The amount of money that flows across the border is staggering, I doubt that most people in the right situation could turn down 10K to simply turn their head for 30 seconds.
    5. Who will man the walls is a good question, and the discussion and code breaking needs to continue.
    I’ll stay in the race as long as you do

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