Human Trafficking in Georgia???

immigration_lie_detection_p05Human trafficking of child sex slaves is the second largest criminal enterprise in the US today. Atlanta is rated the number one city for this crime which now brings in over $9 billion per year. Journalist Kurt Wallace covers this issue for and will be my guest on the show today at 5:30PM ET on WSB to discuss why this issue should be a concern for libertarians across the board and Georgians in particular.

You can preview his coverage on the problem from the supply side, demand side and what the government’s role is in protecting children from being trafficked.

Buying and selling of American children a $9 billion industry

Who pays to have sex with American children? Pastors, CEOs and husband

Child sex slavery in Georgia parent literally sell them

How can you help?

This Sunday, Kurt Wallace will be participating to support recovery of children sex trafficked in Georgia at the first annual Rock On for Wellspring Recovery with speaker Senator Unterman. For more information on how you can get involved, click here:


  1. Genesis the creation story, written in poetical style, to explain what our human intellect cannot fathom. If all creation aspects were clearly told to us, we still wouldn’t understand. Genesis 1:27 speaks of being made in God’s image, prior to getting kicked out of Eden. Once that happened we degraded and we lost that distinction. Became very good at making poor choices. Also, that was because God gave us the free will, we indicated, we desired by eating the forbidden fruit.
    I don’t see a mad dash for sex change operations. Liberty and Freedom are based on how much of it one can pay for.
    Finally, if you believe in God, it goes back to free will. What decisions you make will be evaluated at your judgment after death. Except for the agreed upon horrendous acts people commit, sex change is an unknown. It’s your call, doesn’t affect me one bit. I just counsel young people. “Get a look at their birth certificate, if you may want to have children.”

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